Intel® Composer XE 2013 Compilers Fixes List

NOTE: Defects and feature requests described below represent specific issues with specific test cases. It is difficult to succinctly describe an issue and how it impacted the specific test case. Some of the issues listed may impact multiple architectures, operating systems, and/or languages. If you have any questions about the issues discussed in this report, please post on the user forums, or submit an issue to Intel® Premier Support, The fixes list for Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives (Intel® IPP) Library 7.1 can be found here. The fixes list for Intel® MKL Library 11.0 can be found here.

Update 6 (Posted September 2014), Package IDs below 

DPD200034156 C++ Improve vec report
DPD200117928 C++ valarray support for transcendental functions
DPD200179391 C++, Fortran OpenMP* Collapse clause prevents vectorization
DPD200232709 C++, Fortran libiomp5mt.lib: __cacheSize already defined
DPD200233760 C++, Fortran OpenMP tasks not working properly
DPD200237804 Fortran Internal Compiler Error related to PROCEDURE POINTER construct
DPD200239962 Fortran /check:bounds for substring triggers Internal Compiler Error with FORALL and implicit character(*)
DPD200240025 C++ Floating Point Issue in Compiler Functions
DPD200241351 Fortran Internal Compiler Error for nested OpenMP loop
DPD200241520 C++, C internal error on bitfield in struct
DPD200243264 C Internal Compiler Error on const volatile variable (": internal error: backend signals)
DPD200243997 Fortran is_iostat_end isn't element function.
DPD200244699 Fortran Internal compiler error for use of character(*) function name in specification expression
DPD200245312 Fortran Feature Request: Increase IF/DO block nest limit - error 6370
DPD200246054 Fortran OpenMP-threadprivate compat prevents block data initialization of threadprivate common
DPD200246332 Fortran Huge PDREF set for OpenMP threadprivate common blocks
DPD200294372 C++, C Compiler creates unaligned access resulting in GP fault


Update 5 (Posted June 2013), Package IDs below 

DPD200017009 C Diagnose .dyn files from abnormally terminated runs
DPD200024115 Fortran Feature Request: precedence rules for logical extension operators
DPD200027620 C vectorization issue..?
DPD200033312 C++ vec report seems misleading
DPD200035098 C++ HPC/LCD 10.0 min_element/max_element not optimized
DPD200044199 C Example vecotorizes with 8.1 but not 9.1
DPD200050721 C++ Feature Request: SVML support for cndinv
DPD200136643 C xiar lacks a switch to quiet interprocedural optimization remarks
DPD200171393 C OpenMP*/Intel(R) Threading Building Blocks (Intel(R) TBB) conflict over affinity mask
DPD200173698 C, C++, Fortran Intel(R) Many Integrated Core Architecture (Intel(R) MIC Architecture): give user control whether file IO is proxied back to host
DPD200232808 C DLL is facing memory leak when OpenMP is used
DPD200233874 C++ (Child of DPD200232929) Exception Handler Problem results in wrong result
DPD200234873 C++ Program produces incorrect result at -O3
DPD200236117 C++ System include files should not produce warnings (use -isystem to avoid)
DPD200236280 Fortran Compiler warning for object sizes inconsistent with Intel(R) MIC Architecture ABI
DPD200239463 Fortran High level optimization results in seg fault during run time
DPD200239554 Fortran OpenMP execution freezes with parallel do ordered
DPD200240589 C++ Instantiated template class not being exported from DLL
DPD200240676 Fortran Finalizable allocatable component not finalized on deallocate of parent
DPD200240830 C++ Incorrect vector function behavior
DPD200241284 C++, C when /Qip or /Qipo test crashes in swscanf_s()
DPD200241351 Fortran Internal Compiler Error for nested openmp loop
DPD200241379 C++ _Cilk_shared buffer adds character '1' to the stream
DPD200241575 C, C++ internal error: backend signals with -O1 and switch statement, segfault
DPD200242770 Fortran internal error in code protected from execution by a check for divide-by-zero
DPD200242969 Fortran Intel ifort and OpenMP task with threads>1 not computing right
DPD200243042 Fortran Regression: /Qopt-report-file and /Qvec-report2 gives Internal Compiler Error
DPD200243070 Fortran improper overriding binding error reported by Compiler
DPD200243406 Fortran Nastran test failure in preprocessing ENODE Loopnests
DPD200243972 Fortran Update of local variable by itself produces incorrect results with -O2
DPD200244049 C Internal Compiler Error from "multi-exit -> do loop conversion"
DPD200244332 Fortran Where construct outlining in editor has a problem when array section is used
DPD200244497 C xiar and xild support for use of configuration file
DPD200244647 Fortran Internal Compiler Error with /fp:strict
DPD200244782 C++ icpc treats file "HuiLoadGFX.o" differently than a normal .o file


Update 4 (Posted May 2013), Package IDs below 

DPD200050721 C++ Feature Request: SVML support for cndinv
DPD200110714 Fortran Feature Request: split loop on conditional assignment
DPD200140819 Fortran Run-Time Library failed to catch output statement overflows.
DPD200164431 Fortran Provide a Fortran 2003/2008 compatible version of for_iosdef.for
DPD200179669 Fortran, C++, C Support for deterministic reductions in OpenMP*
DPD200181179 Fortran Microsoft Visual Studio 2010* runs slowly for Fortran program with lots of use only
DPD200234873 C++ Program produces incorrect result at -O3
DPD200236280 Fortran Compiler warning for object sizes inconsistent with Intel(R) Many Integrated Core Architecture (Intel(R) MIC Architecture) ABI
DPD200237956 C++ incorrect code generation when multi-file Interprocedurl Optimization is enabled
DPD200238847 C++ link error: regression involving -mkl=sequential
DPD200238851 Fortran Leading spaces stripped from fortran code snippits in Visual Studio*
DPD200239108 Fortran Windows* fortcom fatal error in module processing
DPD200239166 Fortran Internal Compiler Error
DPD200239808 C++ Type of an array is shown as a reference in Microsoft debugger
DPD200239830 C++ compilation problem with accessing function with lambda (SFINAE bug)?
DPD200239947 C icc 13.0 and restrict keyword...
DPD200239966 C++, C OpenMP* crash during program exit
DPD200240073 Fortran Incorrect error 6502 when COMMON exceeds 2GB on Linux, wrong error on Windows
DPD200240130 Fortran Internal compiler error on Intel(R) 64 only for USE
DPD200240148 C++ Generated code instable due to volatile?
DPD200240402 Fortran Internal compiler error with modules
DPD200240753 Fortran -warn interface prevents compiler from emitting coarray launch code
DPD200240844 C++ : internal error: backend signals
DPD200240940 C++ Intel(R) MIC Architecture offload 'undefined symbol: __$U0'
DPD200240970 C++ std::__non_rtti_object exception thrown at dynamic cast involving multiple virtual inheritance
DPD200241106 Fortran Microsoft Visual Studio 10 exits or goes CPU-bound when project loads and source files scanned
DPD200241129 C Incorrect code generated for VLA usage
DPD200241236 Fortran Incorrect vectorization of loop with dependency at -O3
DPD200241299 C, C++ 32-bit compilation with 64-bit inode
DPD200241331 Fortran Intermittent Internal Compiler Error
DPD200241343 C icc generates endless loop when using Intel(R) AVX and vectorizer optimization
DPD200241361 Fortran Intermittent Internal Compiler Error
DPD200241384 Fortran Run-time seg fault occurs when Vectorizer is applied
DPD200241440 C++ Intel(R) MIC Architecture - Offload code does not handle multiple inheritance properly
DPD200241518 C static function incorrectly optimized away
DPD200241523 C++ Incorrect "set address" value in .debug_line confuse elfutils
DPD200241530 C internal error on bitfield union declaration
DPD200241586 C++ The -Xlinker compound argument not passed properly
DPD200241818 Fortran Huge increase in compile time at -O0 from 13.0 beta update 1
DPD200242047 C++, C data-racing issue in OpenMP loop
DPD200242059 C++ Intel(R) MIC Architecture Incorrect output of CPU TIME by OFFLOAD_REPORT environment setting.
DPD200242153 C++ internal error: #04010002_12163
DPD200242379 C, C++ bad lock xadd opcode generated - Brutus shows occuring after code generation ip prefetch
DPD200242455 C++ Intel(R) MIC Architecture: Offload code using template dies by Internal Compiler Error
DPD200242587 Fortran Inappropriate unused variable diagnostic (7712) for F08 CRITICAL construct
DPD200242685 C++, C code with in-class initialization crashes
DPD200242942 C++, C "#import "test.dll"" does not work in IDE of Intel(R) Composer XE 2013 Update 3 only
DPD200242997 Fortran ALLOCATABLE dummy not checked for function references with generated interfaces, generated .f90 doesn't have ALLOCATABLE
DPD200243011 C++ compile error on dynamic_cast where Derived inherits virtually from Base
DPD200243157 Fortran, C++, C Vectorizer Regression
DPD200243190 Fortran Visual Studio Integration "Warn for non-standard Fortran" needs Fortran 2008 option
DPD200243223 C Code correctness issue: pointer value is not increased
DPD200243626 C Internal Compiler Error after "Save Tests" phrase in /O2
DPD200243646 Fortran Incorrect syntax highlighting for variable named FORMAT and for ampersand
DPD200244049 C Internal Compiler Error from "multi-exit -> do loop conversion"
DPD200312865 Fortran Erroneous Error: Does not resolve generic when null passed for one of the arguments
DPD200321811 Fortran, C++, C sign of result of fmod is not correct
DPD200328894 C++ /O2 & /debug:inline-debug-info cause compiler to crash (code -1073741571)


Update 3 (Posted March 2013), Package IDs below

DPD200148817 C++, C Problem with /MP option
DPD200168338 C++, C Intel(R) Many Integrated Core Architecture (Intel(R) MIC Architecture)Feature Request: add multiply_horizontal all SIMD class
DPD200176870 C++ accuracy of cos on F64vec2/4 type (svml) is not within specification...
DPD200180321 C, C++ Complete unrolling for short number of iterations of vector code
DPD200181641 C++ Intel(R) MIC Architecture: CEAN statements do not vectorize by default (still require -ansi-alias)
DPD200181956 C++ Gnu* incompatiblity on allowing an friend elaborated type specifier of a typedef type
DPD200182276 C++ Diagnose non-shared allocator in shared containers
DPD200232483 C++, C, Fortran Intel(R) MIC Architecture needs fast double-precision scalar sin, cos, tan and atan2 functions
DPD200234111 C Compiler update kills an environment on the system
DPD200236054 C++ Internal Compiler Error after "IL0 Substitution (last opt)"
DPD200236175 C -prof-gen and -O2 will result internal error with icc
DPD200236283 C++, C Compiler warning for object sizes inconsistent with Intel(R) MIC Architecture ABI (C/C++)
DPD200236596 Fortran Visual Studio* crash due to Intel Visual Fortran
DPD200237182 Fortran object finalized when returned by function.
DPD200237219 Fortran source allocation doesn't work for return value of function returning pointer
DPD200237361 Fortran Visual Studio 2010* Crash on Fortran Compiler code
DPD200237628 Fortran De-optimization with -g or -O1 leads to incorrect allocation status for ALLOCATABLE/INTENT(OUT) dummy argument
DPD200237908 Fortran Intel(R) MIC Architecture: Remove burdensome/redundant required declaration of INTENT(IN) variables in offload IN() clause
DPD200238057 Fortran, C++, C set some un-existing paths
DPD200238262 Fortran ASSOCIATED returns TRUE for polymorphic pointer associated with a null pointer
DPD200238308 C++ internal error: 0_47219 when compile object without optimization
DPD200238543 C++ internal error with icpc: issue with uint128...
DPD200238626 C++ A possible bug in __intel_sse2_strspn
DPD200238816 Fortran Internal compiler error and extremely long compilation time
DPD200238850 C, C++ Incorrect code generated for an if statement when optimizing in on
DPD200239024 C++ -O2 optimization error leads to pure virtual method call
DPD200239142 C++ Intel(R) MIC Architecture: virtual base class - undefined symbol error on Intel(R) Xeon Phi(TM) Processor
DPD200239458 C++ internal error: cilk_spawn lambda value capture of arrays
DPD200239703 Fortran OpenMP* Collapse directive wrong behavior for -O1 -O2 -O3 and runaway execution for -O0
DPD200239743 C++, C Array notation does not result in multithreading
DPD200239834 Fortran Fixed form parse error for assignment to variable whose name is of the form TYPEnn_
DPD200239855 C++ Profile guided optimization workflow fails with error #30008: Unable to create lock file
DPD200239938 Fortran Internal Compiler Error with Intel(R) AVX: allocable in variable sized do loop containing if statement
DPD200239961 C++ C++11: auto type problem with copy-ctor
DPD200240103 C, C++ Optimization issue due to wrong limits?
DPD200240115 Fortran Type-bound generic operator not recognized - error 6866
DPD200240132 C regression in simple OpenMP reduction for offload
DPD200240191 C Inappropriate floating point exception caused by vectorization
DPD200240206 Fortran Fortran source editor does not highlight continuation column 6 in fixed-form source in Visual Studio 2010/2012*
DPD200240320 C, C++, Fortran Call to __kmpc_set_defaults not defined in
DPD200240382 C++ Internal compiler error: IERROR_MODULE_ID_1227 believed to be in code generation
DPD200240426 C Intel(R) MIC Architecture: -target-build' option cause icc to loop issuing command line remark #10010 messages
DPD200240465 Fortran program crash after Interprocedural Constant Propagation Indirect on move_alloc
DPD200240502 Fortran Internal Compiler Error for procedure pointer declaration based on abstract interface
DPD200240530 Fortran, C++, C Interprocedural Optimization: internal error once --start-group/--end-group linker options are used
DPD200240531 C++, C Wrong value using unsigned long
DPD200240533 C++ "internal error: 0_2010": Using pragma_offload _Cilk_shared together with complex types
DPD200240543 Fortran Enabling Source Listing in Visual Studio for indivisual source file does nothing
DPD200240594 C++, C Intel(R) MIC Architecture: Incorrect results at -O1 with pointer reuse using INTO()
DPD200240597 Fortran Intel(R) MIC Architecture: Offload_signaled (mic_lib.f90) fails after changes to signal 'tag'
DPD200240638 Fortran getenv returns string terminated incorrectly, causes user crash when using string
DPD200240641 Fortran OpenMP: unexpected segfault occurs in loop outside of parallel region
DPD200240645 Fortran Finalizer bug when used with automatic arrays.
DPD200240656 C++ vectorization resulted in undefined symbols, which caused a link error
DPD200240663 C++, C DT_TEXTREL in
DPD200240678 Fortran Error 6429 for ASSOCIATED(F) where F is a procedure pointer dummy argument
DPD200240713 Fortran Regression in 13.x in loop unroll silently gives wrong results
DPD200240744 C internal error: backend signals
DPD200240783 Fortran Intel(R) MIC Architecture: Incorrect OpenMP shared variable value in nested offload region.
DPD200240885 C++, C SIMD treated as attribute causing compiler errors with code using SIMD as parameter name or type name
DPD200240925 C, C++ No Performance improvement with /MP option using Intel compiler in Visual Studio 2012/2010.
DPD200240973 Fortran Linker failure: error PRJ0019: A tool returned an error code
DPD200241056 C++ Intel(R) MIC Architecture: Compiler internal error: 0_736
DPD200241067 Fortran Nested ASSOCIATE inside PURE procedure gives incorrect error message #7617
DPD200241149 C icc generated code seg faults with very large structures
DPD200241183 C++ Compiler inlines function with "inline" w/o prof-use but fails to inline with prof-use
DPD200241312 Fortran Reshape causes Internal Compiler Error
DPD200241319 Fortran Branch for SELECT CASE test goes to invalid code
DPD200241433 C, C++ Interprocedural constant propapation generates bad code for cilk_for lambda function when loop count is non-power-of-2 multiple of grain size
DPD200241461 Fortran ifort /MP option no longer works as of 13.1.0
DPD200241499 Fortran Correct errors in module IFOPNGL
DPD200241524 C++ Intel(R) MIC Architecture: - Fail to execute the function within offload code after a dll is loaded again
DPD200241565 C, C++ internal error: backend signals at -O2 with unions, seg fault
DPD200241577 C, C++ internal error: backend signals with -O1 and function pointer, seg fault
DPD200261497 C++, C, Fortran PATH handling should be redesigned
DPD200317705 C++, C, Fortran Option /GL- does not work correctly
DPD200318785 C++ has no __idb_* symbols anymore in Intel(R) Composer XE package composer_xe_2013.2.144
DPD200320027 Fortran ISO_FORTRAN_ENV module objects are missing again from libifcore
DPD200321648 Fortran Visual Studio: Can not start Fortran file with (
DPD200323360 C++ Intel(R) MIC Architecture: stop using masked SVML functions for scalar DP exp, log, pow, sin, cos, tan and atan2
DPD200323857 C++, C hidden visibility does not work with dup. static storage
DPD200325065 C++, C internal error: backend signals


Update 2 (Posted January 2013), Package IDs below


DPD200020722 C icc produces an error when adding the same "-include" more than once
DPD200038332 Fortran Compiler not reporting rank mismatch on subroutine call
DPD200044974 Fortran Performance slump with 64-bit version as compared to 32-bit on Intel(R) 64
DPD200093456 C Intel(R) Debugger cannot continue debugging a thread if others are frozen
DPD200136875 C++, C Create user-visible option to control pre-compiled header messages
DPD200149160 C++ icc -Weffc++: bogus warning for base class initialization
DPD200157835 C++ calls to OpenMP* API functions like omp_get_num_thread() should be optimized to be called once only for each iteration chunk assigned to a thread
DPD200157930 C, C++, Fortran Need improved documentation of the new libm accuracy switches /Qimf-
DPD200163924 C, C++ Compiler should not fold 0./0. to 0.
DPD200169626 Fortran, C -shared-intel should be default with -mcmodel medium or large
DPD200171903 C, C++, Fortran Intel(R) Many Integrated Core Architecture (Intel(R) MIC Architecture): Add code/Best Known Methods for measuring data transfer to optimization or quick start guide
DPD200172077 Fortran, C++, C Intel(R) MIC Architecture Feature Request: Change multi-card load balance/scheduling algorithm from round-robin
DPD200172788 C Precompiled headers not saved to the specific path and -pch-dir will report a "Catastrophic error" with using relative path for source file.
DPD200173663 C++ A strange 12139 error message when dealing with a static field of a class
DPD200175159 C++ Intel(R) MIC Architecture Feature Request: Request for scalar emulated 64-bit integer conversion to/from floating point
DPD200176158 C++ icc log10() does not respect DAZ/FTZ ON treatment of denormal inputs/outputs as zero for Floating Point instructions
DPD200177170 C++, Fortran Intel(R) MIC Architecture Feature Request: add compiler offload support for up to 127 Intel(R) MIC coprocessors
DPD200177361 C++ Intel(R) MIC Architecture: SIGFPE in OpenMP parallel for collapse loop with zero trip count
DPD200177430 Fortran -debug minimal flag is not emitting line no info
DPD200178887 Fortran, C++, C Intel(R) MIC Architecture Feature Request: Provide selective card initialization - delay image loading until offload to the specific card occurs
DPD200180564 C++ Internal Compiler Error with Intel(R) MIC Architecture/offload-enabled code under Windows*
DPD200180767 C icc -Wp64: improve diagnostics for lvalue and int type conversions
DPD200180898 C, C++ In Microsoft Visual Studio* 2005/2008/2010, the message shown when the Static Security Analysis is completed is shown in English.
DPD200181399 Fortran Internal Compiler error from with -openmp and -axCORE-AVX2 in ip with no optimizations
DPD200182138 Fortran application does not succesfully execute when launched inside Intel(R) Debugger
DPD200232480 C, C++, Fortran Intel(R) MIC Architecture Feature Request: need fast double-precision scalar div, sqrt and rsqrt functions
DPD200232793 C++ Feature request to allow passing attributes associated with typedefs to the optimization phase
DPD200232861 C, C++, Fortran Manual Reduction operation on Intel(R) MIC Architecture faster than OpenMP reduction
DPD200233063 Fortran OpenMP: Internal Compiler Error for threadprivate common block in compat mode with -fPIC
DPD200233166 Fortran Interoperable BIND(C) function returning character passes hidden argument
DPD200233759 C, C++, Fortran Intel(R) MIC Architecture OpenMP loop collapse not working properly
DPD200233805 C++ Intel(R) MIC Architecture: offload compilation fails to warn about constructor not built for MIC
DPD200233987 C in prototype context, call to gcc builtin's has tk_void type
DPD200234228 C OpenMP private variable: wrong result
DPD200234586 Fortran Non-advancing write to console does not flush buffer when followed by read in a coarray program
DPD200234632 Fortran OpenMP reduction clause for 3 dimensional array yields incorrect result
DPD200234859 C (0): internal error: 0_1038
DPD200234923 C++ icl generates wrong code at -O2
DPD200235108 Fortran Error 173 deallocating unlimited polymorphic pointer allocated with SOURCE=
DPD200235283 Fortran Internal Compiler Error: assign real to complex in elemental assignment function of parent type
DPD200235319 C++ Intel(R) MIC Architecture: Intel(R) Debugger backtrace crash for core dump support issue
DPD200235906 C Generate wrong code while doing dead code elimination optimization with O2
DPD200235931 Fortran using derived type component in OPEN statement causes Internal Compiler Error in front end routine me/me_expr.c
DPD200236042 C Get 'internal error' while doing High Level Optimization
DPD200236055 C error (backend signals) from il0
DPD200236106 Fortran Erronious error: allocate pointer contained in type passed as intent(in)
DPD200236114 C assertion in lower_constant trying to lower a ck_template_param constant
DPD200236175 C -prof-gen and -O2 will result internal error with icc
DPD200236211 Fortran vectorization creates faulty code when used with "fp-model source"
DPD200236230 C++ Internal error with O1 Optimization alone.
DPD200236245 Fortran Update dll version number in new compiler version and issue an appropriate error message about outdated DLLs.
DPD200236283 C++, C Compiler warning for object sizes inconsistent with Intel(R) MIC Architecture ABI (C/C++)
DPD200236336 C++ failure of template argument deduction problem with array of constant scalar elements
DPD200236340 C++ C++11 variadic template error: no instance of function template matches the argument list
DPD200236387 Fortran Intel(R) MIC Architecture INTO() modifier produces incorrect results for "identifier-into" inside OpenMP offload code
DPD200236388 Fortran Intel(R) MIC Architecture run-tim segv (11) (and incorrect results) when using allocatable arrays with ALLOC/INTO modifiers
DPD200236391 C++ Intel(R) Parallel Studio 2013 XE Installation says done but is empty....
DPD200236395 Fortran Internal Compiler Error when compiling derived type constructor with optional argument and MINVAL intrinsic
DPD200236480 Fortran Internal Compiler Error when have up level reference to a procedure pointer
DPD200236504 Fortran seg-fault: optional intent(out) pointer of type with finalize routine
DPD200236566 Fortran Intel(R) MIC Architecture Offload interaction of OpenMP and Fortran I/O
DPD200236594 C, C++, Fortran Intel(R) MIC Architecture High Throughput and high accuracy vectorization
DPD200236599 C++, C "internal error" from /RTCu
DPD200236618 C, C++ preprocessing incompatibility with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010* when using macro containing "defined"
DPD200236619 C++ lambda function gets error: invalid redeclaration of member function with -Gz option
DPD200236655 Fortran Internal Compiler Error when using option "-assume realloc_lhs" for assignment statement with MIN() intrinsic call
DPD200236678 Fortran compliant MOVE_ALLOC call with 'unlimited polymorphic' TO argument incorrectly rejected
DPD200236688 C++, C, Fortran Lingering Environment Variable Assignment INSTALL_DIR
DPD200236737 C++, C ": internal error: 0_37 --- when /Qip /O2
DPD200236742 C++ error: invalid type for defaulted assignment operator
DPD200236747 Fortran Intel(R) MIC Architecture Internal compiler error: segmentation violation signal raised
DPD200236790 C++, C constexpr static data members can be non integral types
DPD200236795 C, C++, Fortran Intel(R) MIC Architecture Complier could to better prefetching, example shows 25% gain from manual prefetching
DPD200236801 C Undefined reference to '__intel__sse2_strcpy'
DPD200236858 Fortran "Object reference not set to instance" while editing Fortran code in Microsoft Visual Studio*
DPD200236866 Fortran Internal Compiler Error for structure constructor that almost matches generic interface of same name
DPD200236868 C++, C Intel(R) MIC Architecture internal error for offload_transfer with missing target clause
DPD200236869 C++, C Intel(R) MIC Architecture internal error when wait() contains no tag when used on either offload_transfer or offload
DPD200236875 C++, C Intel(R) MIC Architecture Incorrect results with alloc/into and dynamic allocated memory (C/C++)
DPD200236902 Fortran Intel(R) MIC Architecture Acceptable usage for modifiers into/alloc_if/free_if produces erroneous error 8611 & 8609 - shape/type mismatches
DPD200236911 Fortran compile time hang case with use only
DPD200236944 Fortran Regression: /warn:interface reparse causes mis-parse of continued DATA statement in fixed-form
DPD200236998 Fortran Intel(R) Visual Fortran Compiler 13.0 hangs while trying to perform "Unreferenced Var Removal" optimization
DPD200237007 C++ icpc produces wrong binary
DPD200237020 C++, C undefined reference to 'boost::asio::ip::operator!='
PD200237061 Fortran Bind(c) causes Microsoft Visual Studio 2012* to break
DPD200237063 Fortran open failure error for i/o with action='write' share='denynone'
DPD200237078 C icc -Wno-all option not recognized, should turn off -Wall
DPD200237089 Fortran ifort failed with internal compiler error with -check options
DPD200237104 Fortran Intel(R) MIC Architecture - null pointer for persistent allocatable array when used inside a called routine
DPD200237132 C++, C predefined macros did not pass "devenv" in batch build mode
DPD200237141 C++ Intel(R) MIC Architecture vectorized code generation differs on same source code when using -mmic vs. the offload compiler
DPD200237149 Fortran Intel(R) MIC Architecture Internal compiler error (segV) in [High Level Optimization] Matrix Optimization Framework when compiling with: -mmic -O2
DPD200237169 C++ Intel(R) MIC Architecture Internal compiler error in [High Level Optimization] HPO Vectorizer (55) with -mmic
DPD200237250 C, C++ Intel atomic header stdatomic.h clashes with Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 atomic header xatomic0.h
DPD200237259 C, C++ Use -filelist to resolve the "Argument list too long" issue
DPD200237266 Fortran, C++, C Intel(R) MIC Architecture Feature Request: Add card # to run-time error diagnostic issued for WAIT when no pending signal found
DPD200237377 C++ internal error: assertion failed: ensure_il_scope_exists: NULL IL scope (shared/cfe/edgcpfe/il.c, line 7439)
DPD200237399 Fortran Intel(R) MIC Architecture Incorrect results @ -O3 (within MIC-side code) when permitting [High Level Optimization] HPO Vectorizer (77)
DPD200237405 C++, C /GS causing performance degrading 20% on Intel(R) AVX
DPD200237439 Fortran File position not advanced after input data transfer w/stream I/O
DPD200237446 Fortran Incorrect code for user-defined constructor used in assignment
DPD200237467 Fortran, C++, C xiar: error core_dumped: /opt/intel/composer_xe_2013.1.113/bin/intel64/xild: core dumped
DPD200237492 Fortran Cannot watch variable value in Microsoft Visual Studio 2012
DPD200237494 Fortran Intel(R) MIC Architecture string concatenation expression failed in offload region.
DPD200237501 Fortran, C++, C Intel(R) MIC Architecture Cannot run offload w/o all cards being booted
DPD200237594 Fortran Internal Compiler Error for elemental reference to type-bound user defined operator
DPD200237614 Fortran %VAL or ALLOW_NULL on x64 moving only 32 bits onto stack
DPD200237626 Fortran Incorrect results with collapse(2)
DPD200237640 C++ Code generation generates incorrect code for memset
DPD200237648 Fortran Intel(R) MIC Architecture data does not persist for Fortran static arrays
DPD200237746 C, C++, Fortran internal error: 20000_20002
DPD200237757 Fortran Intel(R) MIC Architecture non-MIC routines added to offload image with ifort
DPD200237770 Fortran DEC$ DEFINE symbols not reset on -warn interface reparse
DPD200237813 C Gnu* compatibilty on meaning of block-extern declarations in namespaces
DPD200237830 Fortran Intel(R) MIC Architecture Fortran async wait error does not have a pending signal
DPD200237837 Fortran Compile time increased to hours from minutes
DPD200237886 Fortran Intel(R) MIC Architecture: PAROPT_restructure and IL0 missed optimization opportunity for 1/sqrtf(x)
DPD200237913 C, C++ Internal Compiler Error on _Pragma(""), internal error: find_member_function_template
DPD200238051 C, C++ Interprocedural Optimization phase two internal errors with long -Wl string
DPD200238064 C, C++, Fortran Interprocedural Optimization: warning #11009: Fixed up '-lab' without IL members will be passed to ld with '--whole_archive' (not all archive entries have IL)
DPD200238065 C, C++, Fortran internal error: #_1294 when compile with -xCORE-AVX2
DPD200238081 C++ Intel(R) MIC Architecture Regression on ICC
DPD200238094 Fortran Object code created despite compiler errors when -multiple-processes=X used
DPD200238097 Fortran Generated COM server code not x64 safe
DPD200238100 Fortran Generated COM server code does not compile
DPD200238204 Fortran Incorrect results with OpenMP collapse when using variable vs. compile-time constant for loop increment
DPD200238234 C++ internal error: 04010018_0 with Intel C++ Compiler 13.0 at -O2
DPD200238253 Fortran internal compiler error (C0000005)
DPD200238342 C No .debug_aranges emitted
DPD200238367 Fortran Intel(R) MIC Architecture 2x perf regression in Update 1 over initial 13.0, Fortran saxpy
DPD200238368 C++, C, Fortran Intel(R) MIC Architecture OFFLOAD_REPORT=2 number of bytes transferred reports negative value
DPD200238404 C++ Error linking when using static constexpr on a class data member
DPD200238461 C SHLD/SHRD bug when icc outputs to .s
DPD200238579 Fortran Automatically defined file name varies depending on whether /MT or /MD is used
DPD200238599 C Compiler does not warn about conversions that will lose data (long->int, uint64_t->int)
DPD200238601 C++ assertion failed: find_seq_in_lookup_table: seq_number not found (shared/cfe/edgcpfe/il.c, line 3631
DPD200238676 C, C++ Using -prof-gen:srcpos incorrectly enabled debug information
DPD200238699 C++ unresolved linker error to pure virtual function when accessing through pointer to derived base class
DPD200238787 C assertion failed at: "shared/cfe/edgcpfe/decls.c", line 13056 for Exception handling
DPD200238806 C, C++ request to support got-pcrel relocation on protected symbols to avoid issue with ld
DPD200238921 Fortran Assignment to array of derived types with elemental procedure gives Internal Compiler Error
DPD200238929 C Intel(R) MIC Architecture offload of OpenMP reduction fails if called from main() for > 8 threads
DPD200238941 C, C++, Fortran losing aligned loads
DPD200238951 Fortran ifort failed to compile the code, internal error
DPD200238961 Fortran Intel(R) MIC Architecture Data persistence failure with assumed-shape dummy argument
DPD200238971 Fortran Intel(R) MIC Architecture Continuation line for !dir$ attributes offload:mic directive not working
DPD200239018 Fortran Intel(R) MIC Architecture Deferred-shape allocatable and assumed-shape arrays copied in entirety - non-zero LENTGH() ignored for data transfers
DPD200239219 Fortran Intel(R) MIC Architecture Internal error in use def optimizations with -no-prec-div
DPD200239300 Fortran ifort: error #10106: Fatal error in fortcom, terminated by unknown signal(139)
DPD200239413 C++ std::make_shared(...) allows access to protected/private ctor
DPD200239464 Fortran floating point consistency fix shows performance degradation
DPD200239465 C mcpcom Terminated by Unknown Signal
DPD200239491 Fortran Intel(R) MIC Architecture In Fortran, 'tag' used with signal/wait evaluates to the variable's address and not its value
DPD200239607 C++, C Internal error in [High Level Optimization] HPO Vectorizer when compiled with -mmic
DPD200239608 C Incorrect Intel(R) AVX vectorization starting with Intel C++ Compiler 13.0 (fine w/ 12.1)
DPD200239652 C, C++ Inappropriate floating point exception starting Intel C++ Compiler 13.0 Update 1
DPD200239657 C, C++ Incorrect output
DPD200239744 C++, C Intel(R) Cilk(TM) Plus Keyword documented as SCALAR should be UNIFORM
DPD200239806 Fortran Syntax coloring lost for user defined extension file in second instance
DPD200239936 Fortran Fortran Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 solution with dependent C DLL project links in nonexistent library
DPD200292164 C++ ICL generates invalid code with /O2 -> access violation
DPD200294372 C++, C Compiler creates unaligned acces resulting in GP fault
DPD200296290 C, C++, Fortran get_library_function_name doesn't get queried upon _mm_sincos_xx() calls
DPD200299124 C++, C Intel(R) MIC Architecture: Single i-step swallows SEGV
DPD200300635 C++ extra destructor called during stack unwinding
DPD200301035 Fortran Fortran array variable watch shows wrong values in Microsoft Visual Studio 2010*
DPD200301063 C, C++, Fortran DS: Intel(R) Compiler 13.0 generates internal error: 0_10708
DPD200307742 C++ Internal error compiling Inkscape with debug information (-g)
DPD200310204 C Intel(R) MIC Architecture OpenMP task doesn't execute inside offload

Update 1 (Posted October 2012), Package IDs below

DPD200020136 C, C++ Request for consistent error messages re: inline asm with PIC references
DPD200025454 Fortran Microsoft Visual Studio 2005* debugger's Text Viewer feature does not work for Fortran variables
DPD200049400 Fortran Update Fortran documentation to describe how FOR_SET_FPE controls SSE floating point exceptions
DPD200088225 Fortran Feature request to support multiple compilations within a project in Microsoft Visual Studio*
DPD200110069 C, C++ In some cases optimizer fails to use registers for loop/temporary variables and each time reads/writes directly in memory
DPD200142089 C++ Feature request to improve vectorization for 32x32 -> 64-bit integer multiply
DPD200149239 Fortran Source checker outputs incorrect uninitialization error #12143 for optional argument
DPD200161706 Fortran Missing error for interoperable function returning non-interoperable scalar type
DPD200161776 Fortran Spurious error 6832 for declaration of character function with length given as dummy argument
DPD200166288 C incorrect __attribute__ syntax in Guided Auto-Parallel (GAP) message
DPD200171178 C _mm256_cvtps_ph function on Intel® microarchitecture code name Sandy Bridge system contains SSE-AVX transitions
DPD200171600 C, C++ Feature request: Facilitating the setting of Platform Toolset property
DPD200173600 C++ extern_prefix error should identify the mismatched previous declaration
DPD200174961 Fortran Feature Request: Empty Constructors
DPD200177649 Fortran Coarray Fortra: Internal Compiler Error when a vector is allocated within a coarray or classes
DPD200178210 Fortran Intel(R) Many Integrated Core Architecture (Intel(R) MIC Architecture) Internal Compiler Error generated with -mmic and -axP, -axT, or -axS
DPD200178886 Fortran, C, C++ Intel(R) MIC Architecture Compilation with -offload-build -w2 generates warning #13000: *MIC* could not open message catalog file:
DPD200180728 C++, C [L10N_12.1] The output by -diag-dump switch contains English message
DPD200180767 C icc -Wp64: separate diagnostics for different int type conversions
DPD200180956 C++ Intel(R) MIC Architecture Feature Request: MIC_OFFLOAD -- no controls available to managed shared data movement
DPD200181311 C++ A problem caused by "Preprocessing ENODE Loopnests"
DPD200181396 Fortran Use of -axAVX for offload build causes a runtime error
DPD200181437 C Internal error when class field used in offload pragma
DPD200181660 C++ Intel(R) MIC Architecture offload error: unexpected number of variable descriptors with CEAN kernel #included
DPD200181996 C Intel(R) MIC Architecture: internal error: assertion failed at: "shared/cfe/edgcpfe/ipragma_omp.c", line 2022
DPD200182165 Fortran Pointer remapping ignores lower bound in target
DPD200232454 C++ bogus warning about NULL reference is not allowed if reference is inside a decltype expression
DPD200232477 C++, Fortran Intel(R) MIC Architecture Unpredictable runtime performance when using OpenMP* runtime due to default affinity
DPD200232491 Fortran Intel(R) MIC Architecture 'no instance of vectorized math function satisfies specified math function attributes'
DPD200232493 C++ Intel(R) MIC Architecture Offload fails after removing -offload-build (miniFE)
DPD200232824 C++ Need to be able to attach attributes to typdef decalarations
DPD200232951 C++ warning 2536 should be a remark on Windows (consistent with 858)
DPD200232953 Fortran Fortran value display in Microsoft Visual Studio 2010* incorrect
DPD200232954 Fortran PARAMETER of extended type has wrong values
DPD200233045 C internal error: link_symbol_into_symbol_table: attempting to add symbol to pragma scope
DPD200233067 C++, C Cyberlink app crash with option /Qipo
DPD200233180 C different result caused by signedness of enum type
DPD200233242 C confusing warning from ICC about explicit specialization of static data member
DPD200233279 Fortran Intel(R) MIC Architecture Offload within an OpenMP task causes improper control flow after return from offload
DPD200233359 Fortran Catastropic error segmentation violation signal raised
DPD200233395 C Issues with loop bounds and vectorization
DPD200233402 C Intel(R) MIC Architecture Improve compiler message when specifying -mmic and -offload-build
DPD200233449 C++ icpc backend signals in add_base_class_casts
DPD200233472 C Software Pointer Checker: icc -check-pointers=rw produces Segmentation fault at run time
DPD200233474 C Software Pointer Checker: icc -check-pointers=rw produces Segmentation fault at run time
DPD200233557 Fortran Auto-indent feature and fixed form source
DPD200233584 Fortran ATTRIBUTES REFERENCE causes character pointer length to not be passed
DPD200233595 Fortran Internal Compiler Error related to final routines, use statements and private
DPD200233624 C++ Intel(R) MIC Architecture SHOC MD, can the compiler make an optimization in this case?
DPD200233628 C, C++ -par-affinity has no affect from 12.0 on
DPD200233663 Fortran ifort fails with compiler option -align rec32byte
DPD200233725 C++ bad math
DPD200233763 Fortran Intel(R) MIC Architecture linker not behaving as expected
DPD200233819 Fortran prof-use extraneous warning 11507: Value profiling mismatch for 'MAIN__'
DPD200233820 Fortran error #7617, DO CONCURRENT iterator erroneously flagged as illegal in elemental function
DPD200233823 Fortran, C, C++ OS X Lion* + Xcode 4.3.3* -staticlib option causing duplicate insertion of libsvml into output .a file
DPD200233884 C Intel(R) MIC Architecture Offload Pointer memory association between CPU and MIC statically allocated variables does not work
DPD200233918 C++, C ICC Internal Error when calling gnu_sync builtin in prototype template context
DPD200234229 Fortran Internal Compiler Error with -warn all enabled
DPD200234266 C++ SIMD directive for loop using BOOST tuple construct causes compilation to abort
DPD200234309 Fortran Intel(R) MIC Architecture: No error message on referencing host assoicated vars in OpenMP clause inside offload region
DPD200234356 Fortran Intel(R) MIC Architecture Fortran sample offload fails with -g
DPD200234462 Fortran Intel(R) MIC Architecture Feature Request : Allow host assoicated variable with SAVE and MIC targeted attributes in offload region.
DPD200234464 C++ nonnull attribute doesn't count "this" pointer when counting parameters to nonstatic C++ methods
DPD200234627 C++ problem with parsing of right angle brackets with no space in c++0x mode
DPD200234655 C++ Intel(R) MIC Architecture native CEAN loads of aligned data are split using pairs of vloadunpack instructions
DPD200234660 C++ Pointer Checker: wrong output when using -no-check-pointers-undimensioned....
DPD200234711 Fortran Incorrect values returned from function call (pack hash table not cleared)
DPD200234724 C++ LNK1194: cannot delay-load 'def.dll' due to import of data symbol; link without /DELAYLOAD:def.dll
DPD200234787 C, C++ High Level Optimization Unroll Jam changes code to create an access to invalid memory seg fault
DPD200234801 Fortran Intel(R) MIC Architecture Allocation fails in offload region when array specified as nocopy
DPD200234834 C Pointer Checker: TRACE log does not resolve addresses in STATIC functions
DPD200234865 C Pointer Checker: Trace Log report generates wrong number of OOB in trace report...
DPD200234902 Fortran Internal Compiler Error when use function name wih DLLIMPORT attribute in if condition
DPD200234921 C++ Intel(R) MIC Architecture undefined function during offload for C++ code
DPD200234923 C++ icl generates wrong code at -O2
DPD200234929 C, C++, Fortran PGO runtime library race condition allows 2 processes to write to the same .dyn file
DPD200234931 C++, C restore the original project's properties after setting one or some native source files to use Intel C++
DPD200235010 Fortran -list compile option isn't thread safe when build in parallel
DPD200235039 Fortran FEE issue using RTM version of Microsoft Visual Studio 2012*
DPD200235052 C++ Intel(R) MIC Architecture OpenMP task construct was ignored in offload region.
DPD200235060 Fortran Intel(R) MIC Architecture offload error: buffer destroy failed with literal constant as argument passed to offload region
DPD200235088 C++, C IPO error: backend signals when linking
DPD200235145 C++ Microsoft* incompatibility with argument dependent lookup and friend visibility
DPD200235157 Fortran PRE STAR regression failure
DPD200235197 Fortran Offload of adjustable array fails without length parameter
DPD200235326 Fortran Custom Build Step dependancy ignored
DPD200235328 Fortran Error 6459 for defined binary operator when unary operator also defined
DPD200235337 C++ segfault with IA32 compiler if Windows Allocation Preference is MEM_TOP_DOWN
DPD200235388 Fortran Intel(R) MIC Architecture Offload allocation failure under specific conditions
DPD200235478 C++, C Localization problem in the front-end (Internal error: assertion failed) when using Hong Kong Unicode locale
DPD200235579 C, C++ Intel compiler building all source files with change in option.
DPD200235649 Fortran Intel(R) MIC Architecture allocatable arrays are not automatically inout for offload
DPD200235708 C++ Pointer Checker - internal error...
DPD200235730 C++, C Remove Linux -pthread workaround: -u __pthread_once
DPD200235843 C++ icpc on Linux emits error "expression must have a constant value" with "#pragma simd vectorlength(m)"
DPD200235852 Fortran Failure to distribute and vectorize computational part of loop
DPD200235859 C Code generation loses debug info for variables defined by gnu_asm statements
DPD200235888 C Code generation generates poorer debug information than gcc
DPD200235894 Fortran SIZE(TRANSFER(...)) computed in single precision floating, loses significance
DPD200235943 Fortran Intel(R) MIC Architecture: Memory is not deallocated with -heap-arrays option.
DPD200236086 C fp-speculation=safe internal error: backend signals
DPD200236089 Fortran No syntax highlighting or other features in code editor if opened while debugging
DPD200236108 C++ Pointer Checker: Line number is wrong and off by 1 in traceback....
DPD200236215 Fortran Auto-indent after if and do in fixed form source
DPD200236285 C++ g++-multilib is required when developing a 32-bit C++ application.
DPD200236345 C++, C build error: LINK : fatal error LNK1104: cannot open file 'libmmd.lib' from
DPD200236356 Fortran problem with constexpr non type template arguments not being considered constant
DPD200236357 Fortran constexpr member functions are implicitly const
DPD200236391 C++ Intel(R) Parallel Studio XE 2013 Installation says done but is empty....
DPD200236397 C runtime crash with icc 13.0.079 in High Level Optimization
DPD200236455 C++, C internal error: IERROR_MODULE_ID_1700
DPD200236467 C, C++ ICProjConvert130.exe fails to convert Microsoft Visual C++* project to Intel C++ project
DPD200236601 Fortran Loading fixed-format Fortran source in Microsoft Visual Studio editor causes VS to crash
DPD200236613 C++, C 13.0 ICC Mac : runtime failures at optimization "Promoting linear innermost exprs to linear"
DPD200236952 C, C++ zmmintrin.h not in include directory for 32-bit installation
DPD200237044 C++, C Exception when click on "Start GAP Analysis"
DPD200237061 Fortran Bind(c) causes Microsoft Visual Studio 2012* to break
DPD200283708 Fortran Wrong debug information causes problem in expression evaluation
DPD200292117 C++ internal error when using /Zc:forScope- under Microsoft Visual Studio 2012
DPD200294677 C++ -Wno-pmf-conversions support missing
DPD200297970 C Optimization bug when primitive list of standard strings are returned from a function

Initial Release (Posted September 2012), Package IDs below

DPD200004138 Fortran option -check bounds produces run time error message
DPD200006129 C, C++ Pointer arithmetic with zero-sized struct
DPD200009311 C, C++, Fortran Tail Call optimization
DPD200014449 C, C++ Support runtime checking (like MS /RTCc, /RTCu, and /RTCs) on Linux
DPD200014685 Fortran Error in elemental assignment with overlap
DPD200016745 C, C++ Generate bswap instruction.
DPD200020136 C, C++ Request for consistent error messages re: inline asm with PIC references
DPD200032199 Fortran Compiler abort for -I/
DPD200037561 C++ icc/Gnu* compatibility involving templates
DPD200038366 C icc accepts illegal code
DPD200038396 Fortran "/gen-interfaces /warn:interfaces" results in unresolved external symbol _MAIN__
DPD200038874 C, C++, Fortran Driver: -diag-error all is not sent to the compiler
DPD200041934 Fortran ifort generates wrong code for defined assignments with overlapping args
DPD200045524 C, C++, Fortran Need Streaming Stores in Optimization Report
DPD200045548 Fortran ifort show linking problem when using an ar linked library
DPD200045567 Fortran error on binding of !$OMP BARRIER by nested OpenMP*
DPD200090418 Fortran, C, C++ Feature Request: /Qmkl and /integer-size:64 should link ilp64 library
DPD200092213 Fortran Misleading diagnostic message for not explicitly declared PURE procedure
DPD200109912 C Need to match gcc 3.4 and later on UTF-8 encoding of universal character names
DPD200110069 C, C++ In some cases optimizer fails to use registers for loop/temporary variables and each time reads/writes directly in memory
DPD200117992 Fortran ifort should issue error when argumentless NULL() used with assumed length dummy argument
DPD200119626 Fortran ifort 11.0 /Qdiag-disable switch has no effect if placed in ifort.cfg
DPD200135893 C++ request for support for __int128_t and __uint128_t for Gnu compatibility
DPD200138183 Fortran F2003: In interface block, "MODULE" is optional in MODULE PROCEDURE
DPD200139149 Fortran Nested non-block IF statement causes internal compiler error
DPD200139762 Fortran Feature Request: Simple operation needlessly generates temporary stack array
DPD200140457 C, C++, Fortran Warning when using -mcmodel=large or -mcmodel=medium without -shared-intel
DPD200140810 C, C++ Bogus assumed dependences issued trying to vectorize 3d array
DPD200141099 Fortran Compiler should produce a fatal compilation error when -static or -fast is combined with -mcmodel {medium
DPD200141790 Fortran Deferred-length variable in array constructor does not get its length used properly
DPD200148752 Fortran Regression in HLO preprocess loop nest
DPD200149152 C++ internal error: assertion failed should be replaced with real syntax error
DPD200149311 C++ Failure to vectorize over struct with non-unit stride due to dependence
DPD200149452 Fortran Code with nested omp barrier should give error at compile time; doesn't
DPD200149560 Fortran Remark states variable not used when it has
DPD200149705 C, C++, Fortran Request for RTC style stack checking for debugging on Linux
DPD200150240 Fortran Compiler option to align all arrays
DPD200150651 Fortran Default component initialization missing for polymorphic dummy argument
DPD200152190 Fortran invalid error #6364: The upper bound shall not be omitted in the last dimension of a reference to an assumed size array.
DPD200152484 Fortran Non standard comforming XML used by vfproj file
DPD200152632 Fortran Fortran: Datatip not displayed when variable or parameter name contains a '$'
DPD200152743 C++ xilib does not support -qguide
DPD200153952 C, C++ Feature Request: need a method to see the project(s) that use Intel C among a list of my projects in my solution
DPD200154112 Fortran Internal Compiler Error for structure constructor with wrong number of values
DPD200154617 Fortran Inappropriate "variable is unused" warning when variable used in SELECT TYPE
DPD200154829 C Extremely slow compile time on simple loop structure
DPD200155732 C++ error: enumeration value is out of "int" range ==> internal error: assertion failed
DPD200156386 Fortran ifort must detect not restricted expression
DPD200156391 Fortran ifort must not allow assignment to a pure function argument
DPD200156415 Fortran ifort does not recognize do label
DPD200156440 Fortran Coarray Fortran: link failure missing intrinsic atomic_define
DPD200156448 Fortran Coarray Fortran: missing Coarray Fortran intrinsic function atomic_ref
DPD200156458 Fortran ifort -diag-enable sc Internal Compiler Error segmentation violation
DPD200156472 Fortran [12.0 beta] ifort ICE SIGSEGV in rrRECCONref
DPD200156517 Fortran Coarray Fortran: compiler does not flag C725 pointer violation of standard
DPD200156710 C++, C no decimal Floatingpoint support for C++ code
DPD200157498 Fortran Incorrect warning message issued when /fp:strict and /Qfp-speculation=strict specified.
DPD200157604 Fortran Internal compiler error from ifort after syntax error
DPD200157725 Fortran Coarray Fortran: bug in ALLOCATED intrinsic
DPD200157795 C Internal Compiler Error 0_1529 when taking address of register variable with __asm("eax")
DPD200157796 C icc Internal Compiler Error assertion failed...
DPD200157798 C icc Internal Compiler Error backend signals with weakref attribute
DPD200157909 Fortran Missing error for overriding binding with incompatible characteristics
DPD200158122 Fortran is_contiguous returns wrong results
DPD200158409 Fortran Unexpected compilation warning #6366 with stand f03 option
DPD200158640 Fortran Purity violation not detected at compile time
DPD200158905 C++ SIMD doesn't vectorize loop and doesn't fail
DPD200159382 Fortran ifort v11/v12 Internal Compiler Error with PARAMETER constant name
DPD200160165 Fortran Internal compiler error related to type-bound procedure reference
DPD200160571 C++ slow compile time at icc -O0 -g
DPD200160802 C++ C++0x: support for range based for loops
DPD200161193 Fortran, C++, C Intel(R) Many Integrated Core Architecture (Intel(R) MIC Architecture) Feature Request: Asynchronous data offload
DPD200162880 Fortran Internal Compiler Error for use of symbol that should be private from nested module
DPD200163862 C, C++ Need a compiler option to supress usage of MMX registers when compiling for 64-bit kernel mode on Windows
DPD200163975 C++ Can't vectorize loop with complex subscript for complex type memory ref
DPD200163995 C, C++ need warning similar to Microsoft* warning C4341: 'a' : signed value is out of range for enum constant
DPD200164292 C Feature Request: allow arithmatic operations on pointer to void (on Windows)
DPD200164343 C Feature Request: Leave out the comma in variadic macros
DPD200164431 Fortran Provide a Fortran 2003/2008 compatible version of for_iosdef.for
DPD200165126 C, C++, Fortran /Qprof-gen:srcpos not an option in IDE "Profile Guided Build Options" field
DPD200165711 Fortran Checking of overriding function result characteristics
DPD200166966 Fortran vec-report improvement: Loop with inlined function doesn't vectorize after -fpic
DPD200167140 Fortran Fortran document for SIMD contains C examples
DPD200167399 C++, C no error when mixing C++ EH and SEH in same routine
DPD200167408 C, C++, Fortran Improved Intel(R) AVX entry points in libsvml for non-Intel systems
DPD200167431 Fortran wrong error message on not having explicit type
DPD200167433 Fortran access violation Error when string is allocated during assignment and passing as actual argument
DPD200167767 C, C++, Fortran Improve vectorization message for loops containing function calls
DPD200167981 Fortran Missing error for assignment of polymorphic component
DPD200168089 C, C++ Is there any way to limit function overhead of cilk_spawn to function calls that actually execute the cilk_spawn
DPD200168106 Fortran, C++, C Intel(R) MIC Architecture Feature Request: Provide a "Restricted Domain" compiler switch for faster math functions
DPD200168231 Fortran Incorrect output rounding of double precision numbers
DPD200168298 Fortran ifort v11.1/v12 bogus error #5153: Illegal continuation with /extend_source:132 /fpp
DPD200168299 Fortran Fortran: Private/Public access problem
DPD200168306 Fortran Generic keyword appears to cause internal compiler error
DPD200168369 Fortran Coarray Fortran: Write to covariable in other image is not reflected in other image's local copy
DPD200168464 Fortran Feature Request: One error message for multiple files which are already members of the project
DPD200168476 Fortran [F2008] Invalid F conversion of G descriptor for values close to powers of 10
DPD200168480 Fortran Incorrect behaviour with an array of deferred-shape CHARACTER arrays
DPD200168505 Fortran Internal error after error #6404
DPD200168856 Fortran Array constructor containing reference to ABS or BIT_SIZE has wrong kind
DPD200168952 C, C++ internal error: assertion failed: form_type_first_part: qualifier on function type (shared/edgcpfe/il_to_str.c, line 1770)
DPD200169236 Fortran No error given for use of function in variable context
DPD200169294 Fortran ifort 12.0 Incorrect rounding with combined P and F editing
DPD200169704 Fortran Incorrect parse of continued character string in format constant
DPD200169845 Fortran Missing error for variable not given OpenMP sharing attribute with DEFAULT(NONE)
DPD200169856 C++, C #pragma unrool_and_jam(N) has no effect on loop
DPD200169923 Fortran Assorted Internal Compiler Errors for nested structure constructor
DPD200169972 Fortran Intel(R) MIC Architecture Feature Request: Can't offload part of array or array section
DPD200170011 Fortran [F2003] Using ASYSNCHRONOUS will get warning messages if enable -stand f03 option
DPD200170061 Fortran Internal compiler error from structure constructor
DPD200170084 Fortran [Doc] - Inconsistent description of "right margin" in IFORT User and Reference Guides.
DPD200170100 C Intel(R) MIC Architecture Feature Request: Need better vectorization error message for for gather with 64bit offset
DPD200170152 C++, C Intel(R) MIC Architecture Feature Request: Support for function-local variables and persistence across function calls (Make data persistence rules more deterministic)
DPD200170184 C Sparse matvec inner loop not vectorized
DPD200170187 C icc sse and sse3 optimizations lacking
DPD200170224 Fortran Dummy procedure can't have a generic interface
DPD200170227 Fortran Pure procedure cannot contain a saved object
DPD200170229 Fortran Compiler should complain that namelist name is used in array constructor
DPD200170317 Fortran Incorrect Format in F descriptor for blanks
DPD200170555 Fortran ifort 12.1 beta source editor (browser) issues with derived types
DPD200170709 Fortran Wrong value for derived type PARAMETER if type contains assignment operator
DPD200170720 C++ icc-save-temps option does not match gcc for .ii and .s files
DPD200170732 C++ test case for gather/scatter of 16 bit integer data
DPD200170793 C Intel(R) MIC Architecture: missing prefetch on short-vector array notation code
DPD200170818 Fortran Access violation during non advancing read when running in debug mode
DPD200170929 C++ need diagnostic if default new operator is used for a largely aligned type
DPD200170930 C++ Intel(R) MIC Architecture: Can't offload class data member
DPD200170974 Fortran Intel(R) MIC Architecture: Fortran should allow !dir$ end offload
DPD200171019 Fortran ifort 12.0 rejects EXIT statement on nested DO loop in !$OMP PARALLEL region
DPD200171278 C __v16qi undefined by icc
DPD200171557 Fortran Incorrect results with the optimization caused by vectorizer
DPD200171728 Fortran Inappropriate standards warning 6009 for CMPLX in initialization expression with F2003 checking
DPD200171895 Fortran Internal Compiler Error for procedure pointer assignment to function returning pointer to polymorphic
DPD200172139 Fortran ifort 12.0 _svml_spow_cout_rare more than doubles executable running time
DPD200172236 Fortran Internal Compiler Error for ASSOCIATE construct inside a parallel region with OpenMP
DPD200172263 Fortran, C++, C Intel(R) MIC Architecture Feature Request: Support calling _Offload_number_of_devices() on target to obtain actual number of target devices installed/booted
DPD200172333 Fortran Invalid error #6780 issue when a variable of a derived type shares the same name as a pointer within that derived type
DPD200172399 C vector function parameter name mismatch causes error message and Internal Compiler Error
DPD200172440 C Intel(R) MIC Architecture users cannot move their code from KNF Alpha 6 (MPSS 1.0) to KNF Alpha 7 (MPSS 2.0.964) because latest compiler cannot parse c++0x extensions in gcc 4.7.0 headers
DPD200172565 Fortran Error 6405 with generated interface for more than one reference to function with explicit interface
DPD200172620 Fortran Preprocessing emits lines longer than 132-characters. Leading white space not included in the total character tally
DPD200172677 Fortran Add missing Win32 modules to IFWIN
DPD200172798 Fortran Internal Compiler Error in IFORT Front End : VarNode::get_type() for a chain of MODULE USE references with renaming
DPD200172800 Fortran Internal Compiler Error/seg fault by "endless" recursion in IFORT Front End for a chain of MODULE USE references with renaming
DPD200172824 Fortran Wrong result for ASSOCIATE with allocatable character component of derived type array
DPD200172911 C, C++ Add some optimizations of integer comparisons with constants.
DPD200172982 Fortran No error for violation of F2008:C429 - Extend type with deferred type-bound procedures without ABSTRACT
DPD200172989 Fortran Internal Compiler Error: extended type with initializers
DPD200173068 Fortran IFORT accepts "NUMBER_OF_PROCESSORS()" as intrinsic function but give incorrect runtime result.
DPD200173069 C++ icpc generates incorrect -Wformat warning
DPD200173074 Fortran Intel(R) Debugger crashed when -idb option or wrong option is used
DPD200173075 Fortran Odd and inappropriate errors for procedure(assign)
DPD200173109 C, C++ Selecting Intel 12.0 toolset changes Resource compiler suppress startup banner setting to blank
DPD200173118 Fortran array constructor in a program with an empty "contains" gives Internal Compiler Error
DPD200173120 Fortran 12.0 ia32 compiler internal error with '-warn all' on
DPD200173134 Fortran External reference to interface name of deferred type-bound procedure
DPD200173243 Fortran Internal Compiler Error in basic-block ordering with -fpconstant
DPD200173270 Fortran IDE feature Go To Definition does not recognize derived types
DPD200173304 Fortran vectorization fails for OpenMP code due to unreasonable "assumed" dependecies - only for O3; works for -O2
DPD200173354 C Compiler report "error #10104: unable to open '-ldl'" when using -ldl after a full path specification to other so libraries.
DPD200173415 C PRE fails to hoist loop invariant call to exp().
DPD200173456 Fortran Self pointing structure reports pointer unassociated when using implicit argument
DPD200173502 C wrong source line indication for instructions in the loop
DPD200173542 Fortran Error #7112 for passing variable with same name as intrinsic
DPD200173569 Fortran Internal Compiler Error - [HLO] Loop Distribution[CACHEOPT]
DPD200173665 C++ icc does not respect allow access specifiers/using declarations to decrease access in a base class
DPD200173687 Fortran ifort 12.x is not finding a variable and a subroutine name declared in a hierarchy of modules
DPD200173717 C++, C Intel(R) MIC Architecture: HPO PRE is needed since IL0 PRE is known not to be able to handle IVDEP-based
DPD200173828 C, C++, Fortran Document that -prof-gen may reduce optimization level
DPD200173844 C, C++ Intel(R) MIC Architecture compiler uses VPU instruction for integer code, breaking Linux kernel conventions for lazy_fpu code
DPD200173900 Fortran v12.1 report INTERFACE/CONTAINS stack is full
DPD200173930 Fortran Invalid error message, USE association rename of original object with EXTERNAL attribute
DPD200173937 Fortran Array constructor with expressions of non-default integer parameter interpreted as default integer (8209 and 6633)
DPD200173965 C Extra fprintf left in error-handling code
DPD200174103 Fortran Problems with allocating and deallocating unlimited polymorphic types, with and without SOURCE=
DPD200174320 Fortran Internal compiler error for structure constructor of type with procedure pointer component
DPD200174425 Fortran In psapi.f90, add generic interface for GetProcessMemoryInfo
DPD200174426 Fortran Reporting of error 6219 points to inappropriate statement
DPD200174446 C Compiler fails to build mvapich2. generates bad vectorized code at O2
DPD200174467 Fortran OpenMP 3.0: Enable -switch omp3_private by default
DPD200174491 Fortran NOFREEFORM directive effect lost when generated interface checking enabled
DPD200174535 Fortran literal string misinterpretation
DPD200174691 C H_TIME improvements to account for missing overhead
DPD200174823 Fortran Fail to resolve generic subroutine interface with procedure pointer from derived type pointer member.
DPD200174934 C, C++ icc pre-defined macros cannot be recognized by Visual Studio* Editor
DPD200174961 Fortran Feature Request: Empty Constructors
DPD200175012 Fortran Internal Compiler Error for TRIM(character) as argument to function with same name as derived type
DPD200175062 Fortran /Qdiag-disable:remark does not suppress display of source line for remark
DPD200175149 Fortran ifort 12.1 incorrect association status for pointer component selected via class mechanism
DPD200175196 Fortran /warn:interface and /stand cause inappropriate truncation of long source lines
DPD200175245 Fortran Fortran generic OPEN doesn't work properly with readonly file on Linux
DPD200175250 Fortran Incorrect Stat value for polymorphic module variable Alloc at -O0
DPD200175266 Fortran Internal compiler error where a type includes another type
DPD200175301 C/C++ Windows warning diagnostic #66 at /W3 or higher
DPD200175314 Fortran Preserve user additions to Executables/Includes/Libraries lists on update install
DPD200175429 Fortran Internal Compiler Error on USE of module with pure functions
DPD200175540 Fortran Error is not reported for the implicit declaration with 'implicit none' statement
DPD200175548 Fortran ifort 12.1.1 Internal Compiler Error on GENERIC type bound procedure [regression]
DPD200175555 Fortran Unexpected association
DPD200175594 Fortran segfault using forall for array of nodes.
DPD200175597 Fortran Internal Compiler Error - error #6404: This name does not have a type, and must have an expl
DPD200175687 Fortran /check:pointer fails to detect reference to unallocated function result
DPD200175718 Fortran Visual Studio 2010* split screen does not properly follow cursor position
DPD200175775 C Cannot compile gnu header quadmath.h: __float128 is undefined
DPD200175784 C++ Loop is not vectorized on Intel(R) 64
DPD200175823 Fortran Standards warning 7123 on case-value is too restrictive
DPD200175854 C++, C Intel(R) MIC Architecture: Misleading OMP errors when compiling for offload where no OMP contructs exists
DPD200175857 C++, C Intel(R) MIC Architecture: Loop canidate for short-vectorization is not vectorized
DPD200175891 Fortran Compiler genereates incorrect line numbers
DPD200175973 C++ The C++0x to be changed to C++11.
DPD200176013 Fortran Add "-masm=dialect" option into ifort document
DPD200176101 Fortran Change source file format automatically changes Fixed Form Line Length
DPD200176161 Fortran Inappropriate error 8300 passing associate object
DPD200176182 Fortran direct I/O failed to write big record when caching is disabled
DPD200176214 Fortran class pointer to nullified type pointer is associated
DPD200176247 Fortran Type-bound procedure as deferred character length in ALLOCATE gives internal compiler error
DPD200176248 Fortran Internal compiler error for assignment of elemental MOD reference with /assume:realloc_lhs
DPD200176255 Fortran Memory leak for function returning allocatable derived type with allocatable components
DPD200176328 Fortran ALLOCATABLE components of polymorphic INTENT(OUT) dummy argument not deallocated on entry
DPD200176329 Fortran Invalid generated module source for array argument with explict lower and upper bound
DPD200176390 Fortran fatal error LNK1318: Unexpected PDB error; RPC (23) '(0x000006BA)' when file with just comments is included in hello world project
DPD200176422 Fortran Intel(R) MIC Architecture feature request: 2MB page support for MIC offload
DPD200176428 Fortran G format descriptor error printing 77 with G0 format
DPD200176438 C++ new [] behaves differently in Intel C++ compiler than MSVC++ compiler
DPD200176462 Fortran Wrong help description for INT_PTR_KIND
DPD200176486 Fortran Internal Compiler Error; internal read to unlimited polymorphic
DPD200176585 Fortran Default initialization on polymorphic dummy argument prevents argument from being passed correctly
DPD200176665 Fortran Internal Compiler Error with structure constructor of an extended type, that has initial values.
DPD200176694 Fortran Weird error message "Not all components required for linking are present on command line" when /iface:cvf used.
DPD200176779 Fortran No standards warning for pointer bounds remapping when data target is not rank 1
DPD200176794 Fortran Error 8212 for derived type PARAMETER with default initialization and omitted component
DPD200176873 Fortran Internal compiler error: 0_1671
DPD200176909 Fortran Unwarranted warning 5436 "overlapping storage initializations" for derived type variable initialized with structure constructor
DPD200176915 C handle gcc intrinsic: __builtin_unreachable()
DPD200176969 Fortran Feature request to syntax highlight OpenMP directives
DPD200176982 C++ Fatal error on test_nc_chi_squared.cpp, test_nc_beta.cpp
DPD200177019 C++ Intel(R) MIC Architecture: Offload library should change error message instead of using COI error message
DPD200177020 Fortran SEG Fault for class with non default constructor
DPD200177062 Fortran ifort 12.1 30% serial performance regression on WSM with -xSSE4.2
DPD200177102 Fortran Recompiling same source files produces different mod-files
DPD200177103 C Gnu and Intel's version of struct atomic_flag differs, leading to errors when you include
DPD200177106 C Intel(R) MIC Architecture: Compiler vectorizes CEAN expression at random
DPD200177200 Fortran IFORT segmantation fault - stack overflow.
DPD200177253 Fortran Inappropriate error 6303 for type-bound generic assignment
DPD200177272 C Failure to vectorize conjf()
DPD200177294 Fortran Inappropriate error 7825 for PARAMETER of derived type with allocatable component
DPD200177358 Fortran Inappropriate remark 8577 for format F0.0
DPD200177363 Fortran Intel(R) MIC Architecture: native compilation with -fpe-all=0 causes NaNs
DPD200177435 Fortran Intel(R) MIC Architecture: Internal Compiler Error with -openmp and -g
DPD200177441 C error: expected an expression
DPD200177445 Fortran ifort 12.x Internal compiler error
DPD200177511 Fortran Internal Compiler Error for structure constructor omitting array component that has initialization
DPD200177527 C Failure to vectorize nested loop with temporaries
DPD200177562 Fortran Generated interface changes code, suppresses error, when explicit interface missing for call to procedure with OPTIONAL arguments
DPD200177577 C Missing opt-report messages
DPD200177583 Fortran, C++, C unintuitive syntax for -opt-report
DPD200177603 C, C++ The actual /Gs option does just the opposite
DPD200177611 Fortran Odd seg fault with F2003 extended types with type-bound procedures
DPD200177629 Fortran Defined operator not work inside ASSOCIATE construct
DPD200177661 Fortran Intel(R) MIC Architecture: Host OpenMP loop triggers offload failure
DPD200177742 Fortran Internal Compiler Error on user defined type in a module
DPD200177816 C++ Docs should update references to C++0x to C++11
DPD200177818 Fortran Internal Compiler Error: using an allocatable variable in an omp parallel do loop with default(private)
DPD200177877 Fortran ifort version of jdate4 is missing
DPD200177945 C new atomic builtins in gcc 4.7
DPD200177950 Fortran Internal Compiler Error: possible out of order or missing USE
DPD200177974 Fortran Standards warning 8389 for G0 and G0.d formats issued with error severity
DPD200177975 Fortran Internal Compiler Error for ASSOCIATE of array function return value in module with bounds checking
DPD200177994 C++ Problem using default constructor with C++11
DPD200178023 Fortran Fixed-form Fortran source not colored when opened from "external build system" project in Visual Studio 2010
DPD200178024 Fortran Memory leak when allocating an allocatable array with source=pack("Array Constructor")
DPD200178025 Fortran value-unsafe optimization of double precision input for generic function nint
DPD200178056 Fortran Error 6355 for valid reference to generic type-bound operator when a generic interface with type name exists
DPD200178141 Fortran ALLOCATE call with SOURCE= and RESHAPE(..) results in faulty code
DPD200178218 Fortran Link error for ABSTRACT INTERFACE with operators that are extended
DPD200178222 Fortran Print does not handle pointer association in a derived type correctly
DPD200178244 Fortran Trivial code with GOTO and OMP-loop results in Internal Compiler Error - a regression
DPD200178249 Fortran Internal Compiler Error: type containing 1024 or more allocatable arrays
DPD200178252 Fortran Internal compiler error with /fp:strict
DPD200178322 Fortran Internal Compiler Error on incorrect use of Union in a type definition
DPD200178361 Fortran Intel(R) MIC Architecture: native compiler takes ~20x more compile time than offload
DPD200178415 C++ Intel compiler magles C++ function name incompatibly with Microsoft Visual C*
DPD200178423 Fortran Symbol in USE ONLY list is not exported
DPD200178528 Fortran, C++, C Intel(R) MIC Architecture: Set FTZ and DAZ mode by default
DPD200178531 Fortran Access violation for assignment of a type with generic procedure
DPD200178536 Fortran Intel(R) MIC Architecture: native build runtime failure in
DPD200178727 Fortran EQUIVALENCE of module variables with one variable PRIVATE causes link error reference to private variable
DPD200178764 C icc compatibility issue for attribute "packed" on class with non-POD member
DPD200178797 C++ False positive on Structured Analysis Uninitialized variable and Insufficient memory
DPD200178880 Fortran Incorrect error 8000 for external subroutine in non-referenced source file.
DPD200178980 C icc 20% slower than gcc for app use boost libs
DPD200178998 C++ Intel(R) MIC Architecture: native simd vectorization failure
DPD200179009 Fortran c_funloc() call receiving recursive error
DPD200179101 Fortran Closing Visual Studio solution with Fortran projects much slower than closing solution with C projects
DPD200179110 Fortran fpp affected by comment line below #define lines
DPD200179190 Fortran, C++, C Intel(R) MIC Architecture: Change _Offload_signaled prototype to use "target_number" and add Fortran callable API
DPD200179235 Fortran Error 6463 for derived type name, with generic of same name, used with POINTER in derived type
DPD200179255 Fortran Bogus standards warning 7261 for statement function referencing host-associated variable
DPD200179289 C Intel(R) MIC Architecture: Need support for explicit memory management on the MIC card like OpenCL
DPD200179295 C GNU incompatibility warning issued for missing return
DPD200179296 C++ Intel(R) MIC Architecture: Unable to vectorize outer loop
DPD200179332 Fortran Symbols exported from module despite being private and/or excluded using ONLY
DPD200179339 Fortran Incorrect passing or return conventions for interoperable routine and small structures
DPD200179360 Fortran Internal Compiler Error for nested derived type declaration with default initialization using structure constructor with omitted default values
DPD200179406 Fortran alignment violation with Real(16) allocated array
DPD200179429 C Failure to vectorize loop with fmin and fmax calls
DPD200179486 C internal error: assertion failed at: "shared/cfe/edgcpfe/expr.c", line 4476
DPD200179510 Fortran Internal Compiler Error: type bound procedure call assigned to procedure pointer
DPD200179546 Fortran Intel(R) MIC Architecture: offload version of NPB MG yields NaNs, floating invalid in host side OpenMP RTL
DPD200179551 C++, C Intel(R) MIC Architecture: Compiler error: illegal to call _Offload_get_device_number() within _Cilk_shared function
DPD200179566 Fortran Intel(R) MIC Architecture: ifort Internal Compiler Error generated with -offload-build and -g
DPD200179607 C++ "compilervars_arch.bat" does not work for Visual Studio 11* exp edition
DPD200179613 C++ missing header files in Windows 13.0.021 pkg
DPD200179624 Fortran Intel(R) MIC Architecture: scif_vreadfrom failed 107 when using allocatable array in offloaded code
DPD200179645 C++ constexpr not supported with -std=c++0x
DPD200179649 Fortran Intel(R) MIC Architecture: ifort leaves temporary on disk after compiling a program containing offload directives
DPD200179701 C++, C Intel(R) MIC Architecture: Compiler does not flag invalid mfence() use associated with __sync_synchronize()
DPD200179744 Fortran Final subroutine prematurely delacates data
DPD200179789 C, C++, Fortran Compiler script does not work with Visual Studio 11 EXP comes with cross x64 compiler
DPD200179792 Fortran Intel(R) MIC Architecture: SEGFAULT on assignment to allocated offload array Oh_particles%vx
DPD200179838 C, C++ icl does not continue to compile when "/ZW:nostdlib" is passed as compiler option
DPD200179851 C++ IL0 fma-related compfail
DPD200179858 Fortran ASSOCIATED returns wrong result for pointer associated with pointer component of polymorphic
DPD200179908 Fortran Bogus error 6780 for DO CONCURRENT selector with same name as dummy argument of contained pure function
DPD200179931 Fortran, C++, C Intel(R) MIC Architecture: offload error: ProcessLoadLibraryFromMemory failed with error COI_ERROR when linking .so by name
DPD200179991 C Intel(R) MIC Architecture: Request for an H_TIME API
DPD200179998 C++, C Support of "Blank Dynamic-Link Library" and "Blank Static Library" of Metro project type in vs11 beta
DPD200180054 Fortran move_alloc of user defined type does not deallocate "to" argument with "-assume realloc_lhs" flag set
DPD200180150 C -static-libstdc++ option is supported by gcc and not in icc....
DPD200180197 C++, C got error when click on command line property under "C/C++" for a .cpp file
DPD200180239 Fortran Error 8212 for structure constructor of extended type
DPD200180263 Fortran Coarray Fortran: Internal Compiler Error for test case with allocatable scalar corrays
DPD200180295 Fortran ALLOCATE(..SOURCE=) copies source address, not value - sometimes
DPD200180299 C Intel(R) MIC Architecture: micvec.h points to lmmintin.h instead of immintrin.h
DPD200180318 C, C++, Fortran Changing rounding mode to round toward zero changes sign bit of sin function (__svml_sinf4)
DPD200180319 C, C++ Vectorizing 4-iteration loop with Intel(R) AVX
DPD200180320 C Intel(R) MIC Architecture: Compiler aborts on passing more than 20 arguments to a function inside a Cilk_for loop
DPD200180364 Fortran Incorrect vectorization of collapsed loop
DPD200180373 Fortran DO CONCURRENT fails to disambiguate
DPD200180394 Fortran /assume:noprotect_constants makes copy of only first element of array constant argument
DPD200180434 Fortran Deallocate of pointer to polymorphic gets access violation
DPD200180471 Fortran Implemented abstract procedure with array bounds set by attribute of parent class gives incorrect error msg
DPD200180573 Fortran Internal Compiler Error for ASSOCIATED call for procedure pointers of function abstract interface
DPD200180588 C++, C Intel(R) MIC Architecture: _Cilk_shared use generates compile errors when compiling with -no-offload
DPD200180607 Fortran internal compiler error (C0000005) by /Qopenmp
DPD200180723 C, C++, Fortran Update documentation of vectorization report
DPD200180726 C Intel(R) MIC Architecture: icc should use non-debug libraries when building with -O2 or other optimization switches
DPD200180755 Fortran Intel(R) MIC Architecture: strange vec-report message for reduction into array element
DPD200180778 C, C++ Intel(R) MIC Architecture: Vectorizer internal error: IERROR_MODULE_ID_0 in with -mmic and __declspec(vector)
DPD200180836 C, C++ xild: error #10338: Static analysis has failed because of an internal error(code 1). Analysis results are likely to be incomplete.
DPD200180859 C++, C, Fortran Intel(R) MIC Architecture: COI_DOES_NOT_EXIST when main executable found based on PATH and not command-line
DPD200180895 C++ Intel(R) Debugger hangs during run
DPD200180927 C, C++, Fortran need Intel-64 command line prompt for Visual Studio 11 express edition*
DPD200180928 C Intel(R) MIC Architecture: STREAM Benchmark score
DPD200180942 Fortran Implicit option "Maximize speed" in Visual Studio doesn't turn on optimization in Release mode with debug option enabled
DPD200180982 C++ Action Failed report by clicking "Build using PGO and Run" of Performance Guide
DPD200180993 C, C++ warning #13000: could not open message catalog file:
DPD200180998 Fortran, C++, C document behavior of -fpe0 and -fptrap on Intel(R) MIC Architecture
DPD200180999 Fortran Call of internal procedure with unlpoly dummy and character argument gets character address wrong
DPD200181009 Fortran ifort: warning #10281: Static analysis was not performed because of compilation errors ERROR: expression not kfolded.
DPD200181027 C++ use of c++11 general initializers lists on Windows gets assertion
DPD200181060 C++ /Qcheck-pointers:rw and std::shared_ptr<> leads to CRT memory corruption message
DPD200181062 C++ hlo_pred_optimize
DPD200181094 C internal error: 04010002_1671
DPD200181144 Fortran Error in matching specific subroutine for a generic subroutine call
DPD200181153 Fortran Internal Compiler Error with -assume realloc_lhs for assignment from expression with MERGE
DPD200181180 C++ Pointer Checker: Feature request to allow traceback log like report log
DPD200181182 C++ Pointer Checker: Feature request to support OOB report options as switches or environment settings..
DPD200181183 Fortran Extended type imported in abstract function isn't being recognized as declared
DPD200181187 Fortran Omitted field is not initialized
DPD200181194 C++ Unexpected trap issue with -check-pointers using strdup() in Intel(R) Composer XE 2013
DPD200181234 C, C++ -fmudflap diagnoses a problem that gcc doesn't on array of char* double de-reference
DPD200181278 Fortran compiling tiny Fortran code with structure-constructor for polymorphic type results in Internal Compiler Error
DPD200181296 Fortran, C++, C include Visual Studio 11 Intel(R) 64 command line support
DPD200181298 Fortran Internal compiler error
DPD200181300 Fortran Internal compiler error: segmentation violation signal raised
DPD200181305 Fortran ifort: internal compiler error (C0000005)
DPD200181306 C internal error: assertion failed
DPD200181334 Fortran Subroutine not found
DPD200181338 Fortran, C++, C Documentation should specify which options are supported on Intel(R) MIC Architecture, and Intel(R) MIC Architecture behavior if different.
DPD200181344 C verifier error for mudflap multidim array access
DPD200181349 Fortran, C++, C xiar unable to temporary .o file for writing when command line contains many input files
DPD200181401 Fortran INQUIRE does not give an error when ERR= and IOSTAT= are omitted
DPD200181427 Fortran Additional Include directories of project ignored unless set on a file first
DPD200181431 C, C++ Missed ciscization of bldz/blds into pinsrb
DPD200181449 C Fatal error for #pragma weak
DPD200181471 C Backend signals with #pragma offload_transfer
DPD200181502 C, C++ Remove references to lrb
DPD200181525 Fortran Visual Studio code formatting does not recognize ELSE WHERE or END WHERE
DPD200181529 C++ "-Qcheck-pointers:write" adds the wrapper to an user API at -O2
DPD200181535 Fortran Visual Studio 2010* Crashes when compiling
DPD200181581 Fortran fpp option is ignored in release mode when set for project
DPD200181588 C++ Intel(R) MIC Architecture: native segmentation fault with #pragma vector aligned
DPD200181597 C, C++ cilkscreen contains dependency against
DPD200181629 Fortran Add the Windows application information back to Fortran compiler document
DPD200181738 Fortran Error in C/Fortran mixed program: forrtl: severe (2): not implemented
DPD200181779 Fortran Constructor does not accept procedure argument
DPD200181780 Fortran Problem with overloaded structure constructor
DPD200181781 Fortran Fails to compile code for unary defined operator
DPD200181849 Fortran Intel(R) MIC Architecture: loop comp fail with simd followed by ivdep
DPD200181873 C++ Intel(R) MIC Architecture: native internal error: assertion failed' due to -std=c++0x constexpr feature
DPD200181876 C++ Unresolved external symbol errors when precompiled header is enabled
DPD200181897 C++ offload compilation fails with backend signals in object reader
DPD200181970 C++ Use of __cilkrts_get_nworkers should trigger compile-time error with -no-intel-extensions
DPD200181984 Fortran Generated interface .f90 says TYPE for CLASS argument
DPD200182039 C++ Incorrect effc++ warning 2025 From ICC 12.1
DPD200182114 Fortran Intel(R) MIC Architecture: offload Internal compiler error: segmentation violation signal raised
DPD200182240 C Intel(R) MIC Architecture: Offload C/C++ front-end should pull out expressions from directives
DPD200182247 C++ internal error: assertion failed: find_vla_dimension: not found
DPD200182318 C++ error: expression must have a constant value on use of std::numeric_traits
DPD200199306 Fortran allow FLUSH to write the partial record
DPD200203219 Fortran a private scope violation is not detected
DPD200211697 Fortran Internal Compiler Error for type-bound generic reference for procedure in base type
DPD200215341 Fortran Variable loosing its definition in ASSOCIATE construct
DPD200219564 C assertion failed
DPD200223306 Fortran OS X*: assertion by stepping in application
DPD200223601 C SIMD does not remove assumed edges as IVDEP do
DPD200225616 C++ OS X: ICPC does not generate not position independent executable (--no-pie) flag does NOT work.
DPD200228085 C++ #pragma redefine_extname problem on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.0*
DPD200232393 C++, Fortran OS X install let me complete the install even though my system has neither XCode nor gcc installed
DPD200232407 Fortran !dec$ align directive is not recognized by the compiler
DPD200232441 C++ KMP_AFFINITY=none is no longer a workaround to disable affinity warnings on non-Intel processor hosts
DPD200232442 Fortran Internal Compiler Error: call type bound procedure of parameter
DPD200232448 C++, C making "intel" optional on Windows in "#pragma intel optimization_parameter target_arch=xxx"
DPD200232516 Fortran Intel(R) MIC Architecture: Offload Fortran function pointers not recognized
DPD200232518 C Internal Compiler Error with Intel(R) Cilk(TM) Plus __sec_shift intrinsic
DPD200232538 Fortran Intel(R) MIC Architecture: Internal error for -fp-model fast=2
DPD200232662 C, C++ Intel(R) MIC Architecture: Intel(R) Debugger assertions (idb_mic)
DPD200232675 Fortran Internal Compiler Error for addition of coarray dummy argument expressions
DPD200232698 Fortran Executable not created when using -V
DPD200232848 C Intel(R) MIC Architecture: lzcnt and tzcnt generate incorrect op codes
DPD200232884 C++, C The uppercase "W" in Warning #673 probably results in some problem
DPD200232911 Fortran Truncation of loc() result
DPD200232955 Fortran Internal Compiler Error: result of function is cray pointer to array
DPD200232961 C++ function matching ambiguity caused by use of -fpermissive
DPD200232973 Fortran Intel(R) MIC Architecture: native > 6x performance regression on LCD loop s171 between 047 & 060
DPD200233040 C IPO error for multiple definitions
DPD200233088 C generating multiple definitions with use of cmath
DPD200233151 Fortran Visual Studio 2010 crash with advanced text options
DPD200233172 C,C++,Fortran rename the memu item containing "Visual Studio 11 or VS11" to "Visual Studio 2012"
DPD200233181 C compile with '-fmudflap', get ": internal error: #0_0: Bad type"
DPD200233208 Fortran Incorrect results and validation failure of STREAM benchmark
DPD200233306 Fortran Visual Studio 2010: Custom Fortran Operator Coloring doesn't work
DPD200233385 C The -Wall and -wn documentation
DPD200233439 C Intel(R) MIC Architecture: incorrect GPR register generated for KMOV
DPD200233725 C++ bad math
DPD200233842 Fortran Character argument passed incorrectly to unlimited polymorphic CLASS(*) dummy
DPD200233900 C outdated product names in Intel(R) TBB section of Intel(R) Composer XE release notes
DPD200233907 C VECTORIZER MALFUNCTION Intel(R) C++ Compiler XE 13 Beta Update 2
DPD200233929 Fortran Complex arithmetic functions produce incorrect results with ifort on Intel(R) MIC Architecture
DPD200234012 C++ Beta installation issue: an additional 'msvhelp' folder is generated.
DPD200234028 C, C++ pragma weak aliasing not working
DPD200234210 C Intel(R) MIC Architecture - Performance regression
DPD200234787 C, C++ HLO Unroll Jam changes code to create an access to invalid memory seg fault
DPD200234801 Fortran Intel(R) MIC Architecture: Allocation fails in offload region when array specified as nocopy
DPD200262489 Fortran Internal Compiler Error in ifort, proton/phase2/csi_not.c, line 387: Frontend IL verification
DPD200264366 Fortran Run time segmentation fault in QSORT with -O0 option (BPV problem, x86linux only)
DPD200276685 C Intel(R) MIC Architecture "internal error" when a template is specialized with __declspec(target(mic))
DPD200280631 Fortran Loop collapsing creates faulty loop: combined index must be 64bit, not 32bit
DPD200281642 C++ invalid DWARF register number with xBETA_E
DPD200288443 C++ #pragma simd with complex type as index variable -> (0): internal error: backend signals
DPD200288770 Fortran Intel(R) Visual Fortran Debugger: 64 bit addresses truncated to 32 bit
DPD200289257 C Intel(R) MIC Architecture: executable stack is required without the need when _intel_fast_memset is being used
DPD200289634 Fortran Intel(R) AVX2: Internal Compiler Error
DPD200291075 Fortran Outlining and syntax colouring problems
DPD200292079 Fortran, C++, C Intel(R) MIC Architecture: division sequences from Numeric team must be used by the compiler
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