Graphics Performance Analyzers: Which Tools Are Available on My Platform?


Graphics Performance Analyzers have been created to help graphics developers analyze and optimize the performance of both Microsoft DirectX* applications and Android* OpenGL* ES applications (limited to Android* applications running on phones and tablets based upon Intel processors).

You can download the Graphics Performance Analyzers from the  Intel INDE site.

The rest of this article describes the different tools and how to download the product for your development platform.

Tool Details

The different tools within Graphics Performance Analyzers are based upon different logical analysis tasks that are typically performed by graphics application developers:

  • System Analyzer or System Analyzer HUD
    • These tools allow for application-specific, real-time CPU/GPU analysis. Available performance overrides can pinpoint system performance issues, and can help determine whether your application is CPU-bound or GPU-bound.
  • Graphics Frame Analyzer
    • Use this tool to perform a deep-dive frame analysis of workloads, asset exploration, and shader editing. Various performance overrides can help pinpoint specific performance issues in the rendering pipeline.
  • Platform Analyzer
    • The tool is a powerful component for trace analysis of CPU/GPU performance metrics, API call tracing, code execution, CPU/GPU usage, and task data. You can also debug task synchronization issues across multiple CPUs and the GPU.
  • Graphics Frame Debugger
    • Use this tool to perform in-depth exploration of OpenGL* ES workloads. This component allows for the debugging of OpenGL* ES API errors, as well as the exploration of textures, shaders, vertex layouts, and related shader objects.

However, the available tools depend upon your target graphics system (either Microsoft DirectX* or Android OpenGL* ES) and your development system (either Microsoft Windows*, OS X*, or the Ubuntu* OS). Details are shown in the table below.

Development System Tools Available for Analyzing
Windows* DirectX* Workloads
Tools Available for Analyzing
Android* OpenGL* ES Workloads
Windows* OS System Analyzer
System Analyzer HUD
Graphics Frame Analyzer
Platform Analyzer
System Analyzer
Graphics Frame Analyzer
Platform Analyzer
Graphics Frame Debugger
OS X* (not available)

System Analyzer
Platform Analyzer

Ubuntu* OS (not available)

System Analyzer
Platform Analyzer


Downloading Graphics Performance Analyzers from the Intel INDE Site

This is the recommended download method, since the Intel INDE Hub automatically determines what products are available for your specific development platform. The Intel INDE Hub will also display whether Graphics Performance Analyzers updates are available.

To download Graphics Performance Analyzers from the  Intel INDE Home Page:

  • Download and install the INDE Hub installer. Then, depending upon your installation platform, select one or more of the following tools to download and install:
    • System Analyzer
    • Graphics Frame Analyzer
    • Platform Analyzer
    • Graphics Frame Debugger
  • Note that installing some of the Graphics Performance Analyzers tools may also cause other Graphics Performance Analyzers tools to be installed, since some tools are bundled into a single binary.
  • We recommend that you download and install as many tools as are available for your development platform.

Downloading Graphics Performance Analyzers from Home Page

System Analyzer, and Platform Analyzer for Ubuntu* OS are the only tools you can download from the  Home Page.

Tell Me More!

For more information about Graphics Performance Analyzers (including pointers to product documentation, support options, and related products), see the Home Page or the Intel INDE Home Page.

For information about specific OS versions that are supported, see either the Release Notes or the Graphics Frame Debugger Release Notes.

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