Intel® Math Kernel Library Inspector-executor Sparse BLAS Routines

Intel® Math Kernel Library (Intel® MKL) 11.3 Beta, released in April 2015, offers the inspector-executor API for Sparse BLAS (SpMV 2). This API divides operations into two steps. During an initial analysis stage, the API inspects the matrix sparsity pattern and applies matrix structure changes. In subsequent routine calls, this information is reused in order to improve performance. 

This inspector-executor API supports key Sparse BLAS operations for iterative sparse solvers and covers all the functionality available in the classic Sparse BLAS implementation available in Intel MKL:

  • Sparse matrix-vector multiplication
  • Sparse matrix-matrix multiplication with sparse or dense result
  • Triangular system solution
  • Sparse matrix addition

The PDF file attached below is the reference manual (initial version) of the inspector-executor API. Future Intel MKL releases will include this reference manual in the regular Intel MKL product documentation. 

Иконка PDF Documentation_inspector_executor_sparse_blas_mkl113b.pdf301.52 КБ
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