Intel® MKL 11.0 Bug Fixes

The tables below summarize specific customer issues or feature requests that have been addressed by the indicated product releases. Some items span multiple architectures and/or operating systems and some relate only to a single architecture or operating system.

NOTE: The issues, defects, bug reports, and feature requests described below represent specific issues with specific test cases. An item listed here does not imply that it necessarily applies to your application(s). If your situation does not match the specific test case you may not have experienced the error or problem associated with that update. It is not possible to describe the details of every issue and its specific test case in these tables.

Providing a complete description of each item in the list below is impractical. For that reason we ask that you post a message on the Intel MKL user forum, /en-us/forums/intel-math-kernel-library/, and reference this page and the "DPD" number associated with the item of interest, if you have questions regarding the information in these tables.

These tables are updated regularly to correct any errors and omissions.

Intel® MKL 11.0 Update 5 (25 June 2013)

DPD200325646 zgelsd ( 11.0.2 ) generates the error messages:"MKL INTERNAL ERROR: Condition 1 detected in function DLASD4."
DPD200338629 CDFT DftiGetValueDM returns incorrect local sizes
DPD200335414 DSS produces segmentation fault with MKL_DSS_DEFAULTS option
DPD200242846 mkl_get_cpu_frequency on MIC returns inconsistent frequencies when different numbers of threads are used
DPD200242287 DGESDD failes to converge for a particular matrix (succeeded with 10.3.11)
DPD200331905 ARPACK broken (regression) - dsaupd/dseupd combination produces incorrect results
DPD200334695 Create an example aboutt MKL Extended Eigensolvers examples for RCI interfaces
DPD200313161 FR: Redundunt declarations in mkl_lapack headers
DPD200243442 HPL stress testing: Failed or crashed after 12 hours running
DPD200238057 set some un-existing paths
DPD200312029 MKL_DCSRMM is slow
DPD200320958 Out-of-core Pardiso: issue with multiple threads
DPD200240948 Large odd size r2c do not scale
DPD200234986 GESVD performance issue for small matrices (size 10x3)
DPD200311286 DS: Cannot commit large real transforms with scale

Intel® MKL 11.0 Update 4 (29 May 2013)

DPD200335246 SVD generates segfault in multithreading mode -

Intel® MKL 11.0 update 3 (28 Mar 2013)

DPD200325627 Several tests in SSTS crashed at HSW 64bits - rootcaused to BLAS
DPD200326851 Stack corruption in mkl_dcscmv when input matrix is a 1x2 sparce matrix
DPD200241328 Degraded HPCC DGEMM bm performance on 11/12 MPI ranks/socket on IVB 12-core node
DPD200316407 The DFL routines should return the relevant error code in the case of violation of boundary conditions.
DPD200316016 Fixed mkl_scsrgemv error with one test data
DPD200240289 Fixed MKL Pardiso crash with single precision complex matrix
DPD200316391 Fixed segmentation problem of mkl_dcsrmultcsr with transposed case (transa='t')
DPD200319887 Fixed mkl_scscmv crash when #threads >= 2
DPD200322909 Fixed NEi - Pardiso giving wrong results when the hybrid mode and #threads > 1
DPD200319693 Fixed - Pardiso F90 API doesn’t support vector solution and right-hand side vectors like 2D arrays
DPD200317411 vslLoadStreamF (from v.11.0 u1) produces Segmentation fault while reading the stream which was saved with 10.1 version MKL
DPD200323601 Access Violation in mkl_vml_mc3 with latest MKL (dfdInterpolate1D)
DPD200316524 xerbla and mkl_progress are missing from libmkl_rt.dll
DPD200311017 cluster FFTW wrapper problem

Intel® MKL 11.0 update 2 (1 Feb 2012)

DPD200303268 mkl_dcsmm performance slower than reference openMP code on Sandy Bridge
DPD200236783 Failure of Poisson solver for some rectangular meshes
DPD200305099 IALENV returning wrong results on 64 bit systems
DPD200307634 DS: mkl_ddnscsr I/ILP64 behavior
DPD200297382 PARDISO crashes in OOC mode with CGS preconditioning
DPD200237461 Fixed slower performance of mkl_dcsmm compared to openMP code on Intel® Xeon Phi™ coprocessor
DPD200237753 Fixed Multi-threaded DSS crashes on Windows
DPD200303385 Fixed the problem of Pardiso crashing randomly when trying to solve a particular SLAE
DPD200300091 Fixed the failure of OOC PARDISO 32-bit mode - *** Error in PARDISO (reordering_phase) error_num= 18
DPD200298622 Implemented the new function that will return the maximum amount of memory consumed by mkl’s routines during computations stages
DPD200236450 Added mkl_realloc and mkl_calloc to interface layer
DPD200291920 Fixed PDGEMM error with some problem size
DPD200206100 The functions ?(or/un)gqr are now threaded
DPD200306358 Fixed the problem of dss_reorder crash on win7, 64 bit

Intel® MKL 11.0 update 1 (4 Oct 2012)

DPD200233034 cblas_sgemm parallelized for tall and thin matrices on AVX systems
DPD200177279 Fixed DTRSM performance degradation for greater than 40 threads on 80 core system
DPD200290222 Fixed signal SIGTRAP Trace/breakpoint trap
DPD200234867 SGEMV single thread performance degradation for AVX is Fixed
DPD200292360 Provided a version of SHOC GEMM that matches performance of WAMM GEMM
DPD200237177 RCI ISS functions were missing on MIC. They have been implemented now
DPD200295622 fixed sgemm performance issue within multiple process and 16 threading
DPD200235448 fixed the problem of mkl_mem_stat() returning non zero values after freeing all memory
DPD200297326 Included ?lascl2 function definition available into header file (mkl_lapack.h)
DPD200294061 some BLAS unit tests fail by accuracy on lnx32e Haswell hardware


Intel® MKL 11.0 (4 Sept 2012)

DPD200270265 When PARDISO runs out of memory it should report an error code but shouldnt stop/hang/crash
DPD200288598 Fixed bug in Akima cubic spline implementation.Fixed incorrect secants values calculations for points x(2) and x(n-1) of the partition x(1), x(2), … x(n).
DPD200288851 Fixed the problem of constrained bounds with TR Solver
DPD200292388 Fixed the problem of Pardiso CNR returning different results when SSE4.1 ISA is used
DPD200293577 Fixed the error "MKL FATAL ERROR: Cannot load <mkl-thread-layer>" when launching the test ( dgesv ) on MIC system with 2 cards
DPD200180020 Fixed Pardiso failure to factorize complex symmetric system


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