Intel MKL Threaded Functions

Intel MKL is threaded extensively for different domains. The threaded function list includes:


Threaded Functions

Direct sparse solver

PARDISO Interface Routines

DSS Interface Routines


Linear equations, computational routines:
- factorization: *getrf, *gbtrf, *potrf, *pptrf, *sytrf, *hetrf, *sptrf, *hptrf
- solving: *gbtrs, *gttrs, *pptrs, *pbtrs, *pttrs, *sytrs, *sptrs, *hptrs, *tptrs, *tbtrs

Orthogonal factorization, computational routines:
*geqrf, *ormqr, *unmqr, *ormlq, *unmlq, *ormql, *unmql, *ormrq, *unmrq.

Singular Value Decomposition, computational routines: *gebrd, *bdsqr

Symmetric Eigenvalue Problems, computational routines:
*sytrd, *hetrd, *sptrd, *hptrd, *steqr, *stedc


Level1 BLAS: *axpy, *copy, *swap, ddot/sdot, drot/srot

Level2 BLAS: *gemv, *trmv, dsyr/ssyr, dsyr2/ssyr2, dsymv/ssymv

All Level 3 BLAS and all Sparse BLAS routines are threaded except Level 2 triangular solvers


All Mathematical functions except the following are threaded:    Pack/Unpack family, Rounding family, Add, Sub, Mul, real Abs, Sqr


DFT transform are threaded except the following:

1)Real 1D are not threaded
2)Split-complex 1Ds are not threaded
3)Small multidimensional transforms are not threaded


Note 1:  A number of other LAPACK routines, which are based on threaded LAPACK or BLAS routines, make effective use of parallelism: *gesv, *posv, *gels, *gesvd,*syev, *heev, etc.

Note 2: Level1 BLAS  and Level2 BLAS are threaded only for:
1) Intel® 64 architecture
2) Intel® CoreTM2 Duo and Intel® CoreTM i7 processors

Note 3: all data provided into this article are relevant to the latest MKL.

Note 4: The functions are not threaded when small vector/matrix size. For example, VML function are expected to be threaded for vector length > 16K. 

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