Intel® MPI Library for Linux* Tips and Tricks - FAQ: Part 2 of 2

Are there any DAPL* implementations available for Microsoft* Windows*?

Yes. Find Windows OpenFabrics* (WinOF*) at OpenFabrics* Alliance website


How do you run an Intel® MPI Library application located on a network resource?

Use the mpiexec -gwdir or -wdir options to specify a working directory for the application.

For instance: mpiexec.exe -machinefile machine_file -n 4 -wdir \\host\share_folder IMB-MPI1.exe


How do you pin processes to prevent undesired process migration?

The Intel MPI Library automatically pins processes to CPUs to prevent undesired process migration. Use the I_MPI_PIN, I_MPI_PIN_MODE and I_MPI_PIN_PROCESSOR_LIST environment variables to control process pinning.

For example: mpiexec -env I_MPI_DEVICE shm -env I_MPI_PIN enable -np 4 ./prog

See the Intel® MPI Library for Windows Reference Manual for more details.


† This link will take you off of the Intel Web site. Intel does not control the content of the destination Web Site.

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