Archived - Intel® RealSense™ Navigation Library Sample Code

The Intel® RealSense™ SDK has been discontinued. No ongoing support or updates will be available.

If you've used the Food Network* hands free navigation provided by the Intel® RealSense™ Experience for Web Browsers you've seen how easy no-touch navigation can be added. 

Intel has published the Intel® RealSense™ Navigation Library to make it easy to control web applications via gestures and voice commands.

The sample code provides an interface to the Intel® RealSense™ SDK for Web and includes code to:

  • Query if the system is Intel RealSense technology-capable and up to date (has runtime and DCM) & query for supported web browser.
  • Play/pause a video or select hyperlinks and other page elements using gestures (pinch, hover, tap) or voice commands.
  • Add custom Commands ("Hello"  and "monkey") to the default dictionary list of “page up”, “page down”, “scroll up” and “scroll down”. 
  • Add custom Alerts ("woohoo"  and "you said something").

    Browsers listed for support are Chrome*, Firefox* and Internet Explorer* (11 and up);  but like everything else in the code, can be easily expanded.

The sample code performs these basic steps:

  • Run dependency checks
  • Create an instance of the navigation library and a reference to the content object.
  • Add a user defined element and its callback for the given event (tap gesture).
  • Define the list of commands (in addition to the defaults) and a callback.
  • Initialize the navigation library (create the navigation elements for scrolling and initialize the gesture and speech modules of the Intel RealSense SDK.


Download the libraries and sample code from GitHub*.

For information on available gestures and languages, see:

Note: This is based on early versions of the Intel RealSense for Web, and may be subject to change before final release.

About the Authors: Joe Olivas and Bryan Mackenzie are Application Engineers in Intel's Developer Relations Division who worked with Food Network and created and maintain the github project. They welcome your feedback and input to the OpenSource project on github

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