Meitu Xiuxiu by Xiamen Meitu Technology Co. Ltd

Since photos are the visual record of our lives, having a good photo editing program is very useful to create the best image possible.

Now with the award-winning Meitu Xiuxiu app featured on Ultrabook™ devices, users get a powerful photo editing tool that is intuitive, simple and features numerous new ways to edit and manipulate photos. This popular app features the best in basic photo editing features found in professional photo editing programs, as well as advanced photo effect features like hairdressing, puzzle, scenario, frame and ornament.

As an Intel® Software Partner in the Intel® Developer Zone, Xiamen Meitu Technology Co. Ltd was able to optimize this photo editing tool for the unique capabilities of Ultrabook devices. “The support provided by the Intel Developer Zone helped us tremendously during the development of Meitu Xiuxiu,” said Mr. Zhang Wei (CTO).

Developers from Xiamen Meitu Technology Co. Ltd took advantage of the touch capabilities of Ultrabook devices to create an interactive way for users to edit photos. They worked closely with Intel developers and engineers during the design process to ensure they created the best code possible. They also found inspiration in the developer communities within the Intel Developer Zone.

“Having the assistance and guidance of Intel developers helps us optimize this app to make it more fluid and engaging for users of Ultrabook systems, revealed Mr. Zhang Wei (CTO). “The communities in the Intel Developer Zone also offered additional feedback.”

Meitu Xiuxiu also takes advantage of the speed and performance provided by the powerful Intel® Core™ processors in Ultrabook devices for a seamless and fast user experience. Plus, the high resolution screen in Ultrabook systems offers a visually compelling interface for users of Meitu Xiuxiu.

Due to the extensive development support and the powerful capabilities provided by Ultrabook systems, Meitu is looking into developing new apps for Ultrabook devices.

“Having access to tools, code and support has made the development of apps for Ultrabook devices easier and more enjoyable,” stated Mr. Zhang Wei (CTO). “We are looking forward to creating more soon.”

Xiamen Meitu Technology Co. Ltd is a China-based app development company who specializes in apps that are innovative and interactive. For more information visit:

The Intel Developer Zone supports developers and software companies of all sizes and skill levels with technical communities, go-to-market resources and business opportunities. To learn more about becoming an Intel Software Partner, join the Intel® Developer Zone.

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