MilitAnt* by Xibalba Studios

Developers are excited about the new opportunities and possibilities available to them through new Ultrabook™ devices, including independent game developer Xibalba Studios*. “We’ve found the features and capabilities of Ultrabook devices bring a new level of interactive gaming experience to users,” said Ricardo Villarreal, founder and CEO of Xibalba Studios.

Xibalba Studios took full advantage of the tablet and laptop features of Ultrabook systems with the action-packed game MilitAnt*. The side-scrolling platform/shooter game features a lone solider ant with an arsenal of customizable weapons who must defend his home colony from a brutal enemy insect invasion.

When developing MilitAnt, Xibalba Studios used resources available to them as an Intel® Software Partner to get the inside scoop into the unique technologies of Ultrabook devices. With Intel’s tools, code, and support, Xibalba Studios’ developers were able to build a game fully optimized for Intel® architecture. “Intel is a great partner since they give us tools and guidance that helped us create a better game,” Villarreal said.

Plus, Xibalba Studios got early access to the touch capabilities and features of Ultrabook devices. “It makes the game more exciting to be able to interact with it through the touch screen and keyboard,” Villarreal said. Players of the game can use the touch screen controls to aim and shoot weapons and the keyboard for other commands.

The Intel® Core™ processors in Ultrabook systems provides players of the game the ability to combine both touch and laptop capabilities for a faster, visually-rich gaming experience. “Players get a seamless flow without lag time,” Villarreal said.

When Xibalba Studios undertook development for Ultrabook devices, it worked with Intel developers and engineers to help create the best possible code. The Intel® Developer Zone community provided additional tools and resources and inspiration.

The combination of touch and keyboard capabilities for Ultrabook devices has enabled Xibalba create a fun, interactive game experience. “Players feel more immersed in the game by using the touch screen to battle enemies. It’s much more engaging,” Villarreal said.

Xibalba Studios is a pioneer Latin American game developer with a global vision devoted to creating games that are original, innovative, and above all fun by using the latest gaming technology to achieve the highest quality standards. Founded on November 15th, 2004 in the city of Monterrey (Mexico), the goal of Xibalba Studios® is to become one of the leading developers of 3D games in the world.

The Intel® Developer Zone supports developers and software companies of all sizes and skill levels with technical communities, go-to-market resources and business opportunities. To learn more about becoming an Intel® Software Partner, join the Intel® Developer Zone.

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