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Clay Breshears Clay Breshears
Life Sciences Software Architect

Dr. Clay Breshears was a Life Sciences Software Architect for the Intel® Health & Life Sciences group. He worked to parallelize and optimize genomic and bioinformatics codes. Prior to that, Clay was a Courseware Architect on the Innovative Software Education team, specializing in multi-core and multithreaded programming and training and working with university faculty to incorporate parallel programming as a natural part of the curriculums in Computer Science and other computational science fields of study. During his time with ISE, Clay was the co-host of the popular weekly online show "Parallel Programming Talk."

Before joining Intel, Clay was a Research Scientist at Rice University, helping Department of Defense researchers make best use of the latest High Performance Computing (HPC) platforms and resources. He has been involved with parallel computation and programming for almost 30 years; six of those years were spent in academia at Eastern Washington University and The University of Southern Mississippi. Clay is the author of "The Art of Concurrency: A Thread Monkey's Guide to Writing Parallel Applications,” published by O'Reilly Media (2009).

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