New Features in Intel® Cluster Checker 1.4

Intel® Cluster Checker version 1.4 provides many new and improved features  (see the product documentation for more details).

Core enhancements

  • Configuration files are automatically checked for issues prior to execution
  • Individual test modules may be executed as a different user (requires root privileges)
  • Individual test modules may be configured to use a different environment
  • Enhanced Intel® Cluster Ready sales reporting capability
  • More descriptive error messages when an invalid or missing license is detected
  • Fixed a rare race condition for detailed debugging output on very large clusters
  • More convenient online documentation (--help command line option)
  • Improved handling when a check is interrupted
  • Improved test module dependency handling; circular dependencies are automatically detected
  • Enhanced test module plug-in API

New test modules

  • imkl_hpl: verify the performance of cluster nodes using a version of the HPL benchmark optimized for Intel architecture
  • lsb: verify the consistency of the Linux Standard Base (LSB) information returned by the lsb_release utility
  • numactl: verify the correct NUMA configuration and performance of Intel® Xeon® 5500 series processors
  • processor_cache: verify the consistency of the cache hierarchy across the cluster
  • processor_msr: verify Intel® Turbo Mode and Enhanced Intel Speedstep® Technology CPU configuration using Model Specific Registers (MSRs)

Test module enhancements

  • Resolved a false positive case when a very old versions of the Intel software runtime was flagged as not Intel® Cluster Ready compliant even when a more recent, compliant runtime was present
  • clean_ipc: verify the number of IPC segments matches a specified value
  • dat_conf: ability to configure the path to the ibstat utility
  • dmidecode: verify that a parameter matches a specified value, e.g., the BIOS version is x.y
  • file_tree: improved handling of file modified by prelink; ability to configure the test module to exclude files from the check
  • hpcc: the latest version of the HPCC benchmark is used (1.3.1)
  • lib32_counterpart_lib64: ability to configure the test module to exclude libraries from the check
  • process_check: eliminated a rare false positive case where the Intel® Cluster Checker process itself was flagged

To download this brand new release, log into the Intel® Registration Center and click on the Intel® Cluster Checker product.

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