Intel® Core™ i7 processor Support

The Intel IPP v6.0 and later version supports the latest Intel® Core™ i7 processor (codenamed "Nehalem"). There are several Intel IPP string processing functions like ippsFind*Any() functions and tranformation functions that are specially optimized for Intel Core i7 processors for additional performance benefits. All Intel IPP functions will continue to use “p8” optimized libraries for IA-32 and “y8” optimized libraries for Intel® 64 when you target Intel Core i7 processors. The “p8” and “y8” optimized libraries in Intel IPP are generally optimized for Intel® Streaming SIMD Extensions 4 (Intel® SSE4).

For all complete Intel IPP supported cpu identifiers, please refer this article or check “Getting_Started.htm” or “userguide_*.pdf” from IPP \doc directory.

To find out more Intel IPP APIs performance results on Intel Core i7 processor, you can run Intel IPP Performance Test tool on this target system. The tool is available under IPP directory \tools\perfsys. Please check "readme.htm" in this folder and also an article at Intel IPP Knowledge Base for more information.

A lot of Intel IPP samples like Audio/Video sample, new Unified Image codec (UIC) sample aslo provide performance results for decoding/encoding as part of output data. Please check Intel IPP Web site and click Sample link to download.

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