Non-Intel Bloggers on the Intel® Developer Zone

While most of the people who post on the Intel Developer Zone blog are Intel employees, we welcome and encourage guest bloggers who aren't Intel employees. This document explains both process for getting permission and training for posting on the blog, and the rules and guidelines that non-Intel bloggers agree to follow.

Getting Started - Account Permissions and Training

As a non-Intel employee, there are a few steps to get started posting on the Intel Developer Zone blog. Basically, you need to have an Intel Developer Zone account, request permission to be a blog author, and receive training on how to post, etc.

  1. Create an Intel Developer Zone account - If you don't already have one, you'll need to create a free account on Intel Developer Zone. Visit the Registration page and create an account.
  2. Receive Blog Training - Contact Paul Steinberg to schedule a 30 minute phone meeting, to go over how to log in and post to the blog, deal with comments, and answer any questions you have.

Your posts will need to be reviewed by an Intel employee (usually your contact person at Intel Developer Zone), who will be the one to click the "Publish" button. This isn't an editorial review, just a quick check to make sure the post is OK to appear on the site.

Rules and Guidelines

To post on the Intel Developer Zone blog, non-Intel employees agree to follow Intel's Social Media Guidelines. Please read them, and bring any questions you have to the blog training meeting with Paul. They're pretty simple, and could be summed up by "don't do anything that would get you or Intel in trouble".


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