Open Source - Asianux

The Asianux Consortium—comprised of members Red Flag, Miracle Linux, Hancom, VietSoftware, and Enterprise Technology—aims to co-develop with industry partners a unified Linux* platform optimized for various Intel® architectures spanning server and mobile devices. Asianux Server is optimized to deliver the performance, scalability, and security needed for enterprise deployments. The Asianux Mobile Midinux* operating system powers devices based on the Intel® Atom™ processor, with a focus on a growing number of countries in Asia and Europe.


About Midinux
Tracing the development of the mobile Internet, this video demonstrates the operation of Midinux in current usage models to deliver email, multimedia, social networking, and more to meet the evolving needs of mobile users.


OpenAsianux Projects
Learn about OpenAsianux Projects and how to participate and share technology.

Asianux Products Page
Read about various versions of Asianux products and find out more about the new features of the company’s operating systems.

Asianux FAQs
This knowledge base addresses technical issues associated with Asianux products, including installation, system and network issues, and usage considerations.

Asianux Partner Program
This program is designed to establish an open-source society that will gather Asianux partners to focus on solutions to real-world business challenges.

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