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Canonical and Intel work together to optimize the popular open-source operating system Ubuntu* for a variety of Intel® platforms that range from mobile devices and netbooks, through notebooks and desktop machines, to servers. That collaboration has grown with Canonical and the Ubuntu community and has seen many successful products enter the market, with the world’s leading OEMs shipping Ubuntu-based machines on a range of Intel® platforms.


Ubuntu Netbook Edition
Ubuntu Netbook Edition is optimized for smaller screens and designed for highly mobile computing.

Intel® Cloud Builder Guide to Cloud Design and Deployment on Intel® Xeon® Processor-based Platforms with Ubuntu* Enterprise Cloud
Ubuntu* Enterprise Cloud (UEC) can bring Amazon EC2*-like infrastructure capabilities inside the Enterprise firewall. The UEC is powered by Eucalyptus, an open-source implementation for the emerging standard of the EC2 API and requires no license fees.

Ubuntu Netbook Remix
Ubuntu Netbook Remix is optimized to run on netbooks with a new consumer-friendly interface that allows users to quickly and easily get online and use their favorite applications.

Intel and Canonical: More Performance, More Choice
PC customers today get more choice, cost-effectiveness, and features, all at lower cost with Intel processor-based PCs running the Ubuntu operating system.


Chris Kenyon on Ubuntu* on Intel® Architecture
Chris Kenyon, VP of OEM Services and Alliances at Canonical, talks about innovation including Ubuntu Netbook Remix* and pre-installed Ubuntu on devices. He also discusses the rising use of the OS for desktop computing and the role of Ubuntu in the Intel-powered classmate PC project for education.


Canonical and Open-Source
Learn more about Canonical's involvement in the open-source community including Ubuntu and other projects.

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