Intel® Cluster Ready Partner Newsletter Q3 2012 - Feature Stories

Help Launch the Next Era of HPC with Intel® Cluster Ready

Increase Your Business Together, We Can Drive Explosive Growth
Typically, we would use this space in the newsletter to provide you with information and advice regarding Intel® Cluster Ready. Today, we would like to turn the tables and ask you for information and advice.

How can we help you increase your business?
The goal of Intel Cluster Ready is to help you tap into new markets and grow your revenue. Help us expand your reach by taking 5 minutes to give us your input. What’s working? What’s not? How can we improve this program to help you meet your near and long term goals? 

Take just a few minutes to fill out this brief survey.
We are looking for input from all our partners: OEMs, system integrators, component manufacturers, and ISVs (including both application and middleware developers). Your unique perspective is vital to ensure we have complete and accurate information to help us help you more effectively.

Take the survey and we’ll send you an invitation to an exclusive webinar: “How Intel Cluster Ready can help you Increase your Business.” We’ll provide concrete suggestions that can help you get higher value today.

If you’d like a little background before filling out the survey, read on:

Increase Productivity and Grow Your Business
How you can benefit from Intel Cluster Ready Today
According to IDC, the HPC market is poised for strong growth over the next few years1. We agree with their projections. We also believe that the HPC vendor community can drive truly explosive growth farther down the line. How? By delivering simple, powerful and cost-effective cluster solutions that make compute-intensive digital methods (3D design, simulation, modeling, testing, etc.) a possibility-and ultimately a competitive necessity-for many millions of small and mid-sized businesses around the world.

When Intel Cluster Ready was launched five years ago, one of the key goals was to help HPC vendors tap into this vast new market. Another was to help them improve profitability by simplifying and accelerating cluster design and delivery. You can read a brief history of the program here.

How Our Partners are Using Intel Cluster Ready
Many of our hardware partners are already using the Intel Cluster Ready architecture and tools to expand into new markets by delivering simpler and more flexible cluster solutions. Several are creating bundled hardware and software solutions that can be purchased online and deployed into production within weeks or even days. These pre-configured and pre-tested solutions deliver high value very quickly and reliably, especially for customers who are new to cluster computing.

Many of our hardware partners are also using the Intel Cluster Ready architecture on their manufacturing floor to improve productivity, by delivering faultless, consistent clusters and cluster nodes. They use Intel Cluster Checker to test systems before shipment to avoid many, if not all, pre-acceptance interventions. The benefits in productivity and time-to-value are being realized across clusters of all sizes, even for some of today’s largest supercomputers.

Our software partners are using the Intel Cluster Ready architecture to develop applications and middleware that can be certified just once, and then used reliably off-the-shelf on any Intel Cluster Ready certified cluster. This helps them support a larger customer base at lower cost and with less effort. They no longer have to collaborate one-to-one with every cluster vendor to customize and optimize their code.

Access Current Intel Cluster Ready Resources
For those of you who are new to the program or aren’t taking advantage of all we have to offer, Intel Cluster Ready resources include:

  • The Intel Cluster Ready architecture, a standards-based specification to enable faster and more efficient innovation by providing a consistent and unified foundation for development.
  • Intel Cluster Checker software, to simply development, certification, testing, and troubleshooting for all clusters based on the Intel Cluster Ready architecture.

Additional tools, resources, and information to help you develop, promote, and sell your Intel Cluster Ready solutions (for examples, see the Intel Cluster Ready Tool Kit, the Sandy Bridge Solutions Guide, and the latest Intel Cluster Ready reference designs.

What other tools or resources would help you grow your business more effectively? Take our brief survey to let us know and we’ll send you an invitation to our next webinar: “How Intel Cluster Ready can help you Increase your Business.” Thanks!

1. Source: IDC Press Release, March 20, 2012.

Look For Intel® Cluster Ready

When you see the Intel Cluster Ready name, you can be assured the cluster solution complies with the Intel Cluster Ready specification and has passed the tests of the Intel® Cluster Checker.

For more information read the Intel® Cluster Ready Usage Guidelines.

Look for Intel Cluster Ready solution vendors.

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