Partner Newsletter Q3 2010 - Intel Cluster Ready Articles 3-4

Partner Highlights
SIMULIA Promotes Abaqus Benchmarks on Certified Personal Clusters

SIMULIA and Intel® Cluster Ready have established a virtual test drive offer for Abaqus customers to get actual performance gain results on certified personal clusters from Appro, Cray, SGI, or Silicon Mechanics. Check it out at, or read the Compute Cluster Brief to learn more.

10GbE iWARP Deployment Made Simple with Rocks+*

Intel Cluster Ready solutions based on Clustercorp Rocks+* and 10GbE iWARP-enabled NetEffect™ Server Cluster Adapters from Intel deliver a simplified approach to selecting, deploying, and operating clusters. Read the solution brief to learn more.
Intel Cluster Ready News
Come See Us at SC10

Intel Cluster Ready is gearing up for the industry’s 23rd annual Supercomputing event, held this year in New Orleans, November 13-19. SC10 will be offering the usual broad range of presentations, workshops, exhibits, and more. Along with checking out what’s happening on the frontiers of high-performance computing, SC10 will be a great opportunity to learn more about Intel Cluster Ready and get to know the Intel team and your fellow Intel Cluster Ready partners.

If you’re attending SC10, plan on spending time with us in the Intel booth, #2813. We’ll have many of our Intel Cluster Ready and HPC experts on hand, sharing information about the latest Intel technologies, including Intel® Cluster Tools and version 1.2 of the Intel Cluster Ready Specification.

Mark November 15 on your calendar for the Intel Cluster Ready Partner Appreciation Breakfast at SC10. We’ll highlight key successes over the past year, and enjoy the chance to network, share information, and celebrate your accomplishments as an Intel Cluster Ready partner.

Get the latest updates about Intel Cluster Ready at SC10. Follow us on Twitter at

Build Your Business – and the HPC Cluster Community – at ClusterConnection

The site has a fresh new design and streamlined navigation that makes it easier to use. What does it mean for you? “ClusterConnection is a great resource for our Intel Cluster Ready partners,” said Brock Taylor, HPC Cluster Solution Architect. “The goal is really to create a community that helps partners win new business by making it easier for customers to learn about, adopt, and utilize HPC solutions. By participating in the ClusterConnection community, partners can share resources and interact with current and potential HPC users and really be seen as leaders. If you’re not actively participating in ClusterConnection, you’re missing a good opportunity to get your viewpoints and information out there and ultimately expand your business.”

As a member of the ClusterConnection community, you can:
  • Contribute technical articles and blogs that keep the site’s content fresh, credible, and technically robust
  • Share ideas, questions, and comments that add depth to the conversations
  • Post your product news and end-user events to get the word out and meet users’ needs for timely information and updates
To put ClusterConnection to work for you:
If you have news and events that you need help adding to the site, contact the community admin at

Already a member? If you’re not actively contributing, what are you waiting for? Stop by and have a look around. Re-introduce yourself to the community and join the discussions.

Analysis Driven Design – Not Just for Experts Anymore

With the latest advances in hardware and software, analysis driven design is no longer a luxury – it’s a mandate. See how next-generation workstations, workgroup clusters, and integrated software suites are transforming product design and development. Read more.

Intel® Enabled Server Acceleration Alliance (ESAA) – Your Recipe for HPC Success

HPC enables organizations to substantially increase the speed and complexity of computing. Intel® ESAA recipes help you get to market faster by providing validated hardware and software configurations based on Intel® server products that are optimized to meet demanding data-intensive computing challenges. Program membership is free. As an ESAA member, you gain access to a wide range of pre-validated configuration guides ("recipes") jointly developed by Intel and independent hardware and software vendors. And program membership is free.

Get started with ESAA recipes today. Visit to access solution configurations for Intel server products jointly developed with Intel Cluster Ready. See all HPC recipes.


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