Performance Tools for Software Developers - Differences between evaluation, free and paid compilers

The key difference between evaluation, free and paid compilers is related to the licensing terms and associated support for the compilers.  See the End User License Agreement (EULA) for distinctions between the three.  Products under an evaluation license will cease to function at the end of the evaluation period.  Free products are only valid for the granted license period. All other products will continue to function beyond the licensed support period.

An evaluation license is not renewable. Once your free license had expired you must qualify for a new license. Paid licenses are eligible for support renewal.  See the Purchasing, Renewing, and Upgrading FAQ for more information on renewals.  Functionally, the evaluation and free tools compilers are identical to the paid compilers of the same version.

Evaluation of Intel® Software Development Tools

Before purchasing a license for one of our products you may wish to first evaluate the compilers, libraries and tools. To request a free evaluation license please visit the Intel® Software Development Tools page to locate the product that best suits your needs.

Note: Evaluation versions of Intel® compilers, available from the Intel® Software Development Tools, are identical to paid compilers of the same version.

Free Intel® Software Development Tools

Intel offers free software to qualified academic researchers, students, educators and open source contributors. To find out if you quality for a free software license please visit our Free Intel® Software Development Tools.

Similarly, Intel compilers which are part of the Free Software Tools are identical to paid compilers of the same version.

Downloading the Compilers

Up-to-date Intel compilers are available from the Intel Registration Center under the product Downloads column and may be used with any non-expired paid, evaluation or free license.

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