Performance Tools for Software Developers - Differences between evaluation, non-commercial and release compilers

Evaluation versions of Intel® compilers available from the Intel® Evaluation Software Center are identical to Release compilers of the same version. Similarly, Intel compilers available as Non-commercial Linux* downloads are identical to Release compilers of the same version.

Up-to-date Intel compilers are available from the Intel® Registration Center under the product Downloads column and may be used with any non-expired commercial, academic, evaluation, or non-commercial license.

The product Downloads column is available on the default view appearing after logging into the Intel Registration Center using your Intel® Premier Support account id and password, or by selecting Show All My Products when logged in. If you forgot your Login id or Password, please select either the Forgot Login ID? or Forgot Password? link appearing next to the Log in button on the initial Intel Registration Center login web page.

For technical support, please visit Intel® Software Product Support.

Для получения подробной информации о возможностях оптимизации компилятора обратитесь к нашему Уведомлению об оптимизации.