Players Embark on a Quest to Unlock Secrets with Sparkle 2 by 10tons LTD for Intel® Atom™ Tablets for Windows* 8.1

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The sequel to the popular marble popping game offers new adventures and superbly polished gameplay.


Long ago, a treasure of immeasurable value was hidden and locked away. The keys that unlock it were scattered across lands where they wait for one player worthy enough to find them. Now, Windows* 8.1 tablet users can join the quest to find and unlock this mysterious treasure when they download Sparkle 2 by 10tons LTD.

The highly anticipated sequel to the game Sparkle, Sparkle 2 offers players an entirely new adventure, complete with 3 gaming modes. Players must navigate the deep darkness that envelops the land, and destroy orbs that could cause an eternal night. As players master the orb-slinger, they will advance until they reach the Dark Vortex where a powerful mystery awaits.

Sparkle 2 was created by 10tons LTD, an Intel® Software Partner. The new marble-popping game is fully optimized for the capabilities of Intel® Windows* 8.1 tablets. During the game’s Windows 8.1 porting process, 10tons LTD received assistance from the Intel Developer Zone ®.

“Sparkle 2 offers all the same marble-popping fun as the original game, but sends players on an entirely new quest,” says Jaakko Maaniemi of 10tons LTD. “Its features have been upgraded to be consistent with new tablet technology. The result is a visually stunning and engaging gaming experience.”

Sparkle 2 was developed from the ground up to be functional on multiple platforms. During its optimization for Windows* tablets, the game’s developers collaborated with Intel engineers who provided reference hardware. This collaboration and support ensured the game’s optimization and seamless performance on these tablets.

“We feel very fortunate to have partnered with Intel during the optimization of Sparkle 2 for Windows* 8.1 and look forward to collaborating on additional projects in the future,” says Maaniemi.

10tons LTD is a game developer based out of Finland. For more information visit its homepage at:

The Intel® Developer Zone supports developers and software companies of all sizes and skill levels with technical communities, go-to-market resources and business opportunities. To learn more about becoming an Intel Software Partner, join the Intel Developer Zone.

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