Record-breaking Fleksy Keyboard Now Available on Intel® Atom™ Tablets for Android*

Developers release a fast new typing app for mobile device users

The creators of the Fleksy Keyboard have enabled the quick, responsive typing app for Intel® Atom™ tablets for Android*. This revolutionary technology takes intuitive typing to a whole new level, saving time and producing greater accuracy.

Fleksy Keyboard has surmounted standard auto correct mechanisms by implementing a prediction tool that allows faster, more precise typing. It has a unique gesture system that makes punctuation easy and maximizes movement. The app features multiple layout options so users can see more of their screen. Plus, it can even learn individual users style and anticipate usage. Fleksy offers a long list of languages and adds new ones consistently.

Now that the keyboard is compatible with Android* tablets, users can enjoy the advantage of easier, faster typing. The sensitive touch capabilities of these powerful tablets mean users can communicate swiftly and effectively, spending less time on correction. The developers at Fleksy had access to a range of business and technical tools through the Intel® Developer Zone.

"Fleksy is the next step in making typing more user-friendly and fast," says Kosta Eleftheriou, CEO of Fleksy. "Android users will really appreciate the ability to send clear messages with accuracy and ease."

Fleksy Keyboard is available for immediate download on Google Play:

About Fleksy
Fleksy is a team of designers and developers that focus on productivity and typing applications. For more information, visit:

About Intel® Developer Zone
The Intel Developer Zone supports developers and software companies of all sizes and skill levels with technical communities, go-to-market resources and business opportunities. To learn more about becoming an Intel Software Partner, join the Intel Developer Zone.

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