Save on Energy and Streamline Operations with Incenergy and Intel

Looking to improve your bottom line? Reducing energy costs may be your best bet, but if you’re managing a building of less than 150k square feet — or a portfolio of smaller buildings — legacy energy management solutions are likely too costly, and too complex, for your needs.

Incenergy has created an energy management solution that is both easy to deploy and provides a fast ROI. With exible, scalable options that can be up and running in a single day, with no capital investment, Incenergy paves the way for facilities managers in a wide range of industries to lower energy bills, reduce maintenance costs, and help your equipment last longer. 

“The energy efficiency gained by the features of Incenergy’s EMS has contributed to our sustainability goals and provided a one-year payback on the investment.“ 


Bill Moebius - Senior VP, Director of Energy and Sustainable Operations Stream Realty 

A few clients that have lowered energy bills with Incenergy 


Incenergy offers a powerful, yet simple, energy management solution that can lower energy bills on smaller buildings by up to 30 percent. This fully featured, cloud-based system takes advantage of the Internet of Things (IoT) to provide easy-to-deploy devices that can be managed remotely using a mobile app or Web browser.

Components of the Incenergy Solution

  • Smart Devices and Sensors — Wireless thermostats, electricity meters, motion sensors, refrigeration monitoring, and other devices collect data about environmental factors and energy use and enable automated and remote control of lighting and HVAC systems.
  • Zigbee* Wireless Mesh — Within the building, devices communicate across a wireless mesh using the Zigbee standard— a setup that is both extremely reliable and highly secure.
  • Intel® IoT Gateway — Sitting behind the building’s firewall, the Intel® IoT Gateway acts as a bridge, enabling seamless, reliable, and secure data flow between the devices and the cloud.
  • Amazon* Cloud Services — Amazon’s cloud services and data encryption are used to secure data as it moves up to the cloud.
  • Energy Management Dashboard — Facilities managers can analyze energy use, set alerts, assess problem areas, manage lighting and HVAC schedules, and monitor systems in real-time using a mobile app or Web browser.

Why Incenergy?

  • Simple to Deploy — Install the devices, set up the gateway, connect to the cloud, and you’re set. A typical deployment in a small-to-medium building can be done in a day, so you can start monitoring and saving energy almost instantly.
  • Comprehensive and Scalable — Monitor, analyze, and control energy use with a single integrated system that includes metering, sensors, lighting and HVAC controls, reporting, and analytics. Additional devices are simple to add, so you can start with lighting or HVAC and expand later.
  • Full Control — Manage lighting and HVAC schedules, temperature set-points, and overrides remotely. Receive alerts when systems operate outside of a certain threshold, and gain insight to proactively address problems and extend equipment life. The easy-to-use dashboard lets you monitor and control one facility, or hundreds, through a single interface, using a mobile app or Web browser.
  • Cost-effective — Incenergy’s wireless solution requires no capital investment and is priced by the device for a 30-50 percent savings over wired solutions. By metering first, Incenergy can determine the biggest opportunities for savings, and install systems where they are needed most — for the biggest impact on the bottom line. The average payback period is 12-18 months, with options to be cash flow positive in the very first month.
  • Highly Secure — Incenergy uses a layered approach to security, ensuring that data is protected at all points — within the building, while traveling between the building and the cloud, and when accessed via the dashboard.

Energy Savings Realized: Incenergy’s Solution at Work

Incenergy’s simple-to-deploy solution is providing up to 30 percent energy cost savings in a variety of light industrial, commercial, retail, restaurant, medical, and education facilities.

Light Industrial & Commercial

Incenergy Reduces Electricity Costs by Almost 20% for Baker Hughes* International oil field services giant Baker Hughes* wanted to reduce electricity costs in its light industrial spaces where the variety and number of AC units made regular, physical monitoring difficult.

Incenergy’s smart sensors and devices let facilities managers optimize and automate temperature set-points and temperature override limits, reducing energy use by almost 20 percent. They also discovered 97 existing faults; now that the system is in place, problem units can be identified and repaired proactively, increasing the life of adjacent units.

ROI: Baker Hughes* saved almost 20% on electricity costs over 12 months.

Restaurant & Retail

Sun & Ski* Sees a 23% Drop in Energy Costs with Incenergy With energy costs on the rise, sporting goods retailer Sun & Ski* was seeking a way to continue providing a comfortable environment for its customers while also offering the highest value at the lowest price.

Incenergy’s analytics identified HVAC units that were not operating efficiently, or were in need of replacement and repair, so the retailer could work with its landlord on tenant improvements. Incenergy implemented HVAC controls with thermostats and supply air sensors, as well as lighting controls, in four retail locations allowing Sun & Ski* to monitor and control energy use across locations from a central management system.

ROI: Sun & Ski* experienced a 23% annual reduction in energy costs—for a savings of $43,000 in the first year.


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“The Incenergy EMS made it easy to schedule all 71 thermostats in twelve branch locations. I can now make sure that all thermostats are automatically set back even if employees adjust them on site.“ 

Jerry Duckworth - Facilities Manager Legacy Texas Bank

Accelerating the Transformation to Smarter Buildings
The Internet of Things is advancing a new breed of smart buildings that better align with the priorities of property owners and managers. Intel is accelerating this transformation with IoT ingredients that enable better data analytics, simplify communication with the cloud, enhance security, and provide deep insights—driving greater efficiency and ROI.

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