SkyOrb App by Realtech VR Now Offers Portable Planetarium for Intel® Atom™ Tablets for Windows* 8.1

The 3D astronomy application brings the universe down to earth.

Bringing the wonder of the universe directly to tablets, Realtech VR’s 3D astronomy app SkyORB is now available for download to Intel® Atom™ tablets for Windows* 8.1. This application provides the experience of a 3D real-time planetarium with photo-realistic rendering.

Enhanced for Direct3D 11, SkyORB is an engaging, interactive astronomy app that offers 3D images of the planets and stars as well as comets and asteroids.  In addition to simulating the sky from any point on earth, SkyORB can also present the view from other planets and at any point in time.

A unique “point to the sky” feature allows the user to aim a tablet toward a star or planet for the app to identify. Featuring the ability to show astronomy events for the next 60 days including the peak day of meteor showers and the times of planet elongation and opposition, SkyORB puts the solar system in the hands of the user.

While developing the app for Intel Atom tablets for Windows* 8.1, publishers at realtech VR took advantage of the resources and support community available from the Intel® Developer Zone.

“We developed SkyORB to enable users to interact with the night sky,” says Stephane Denis, of Realtech VR. “Intel Atom tablets for Windows* 8.1 offer the accelerometer and touch screen features which ensure an optimal user experience.”

SkyORB is available for immediate download from Microsoft.

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