Some service functions have become obsolete and will be removed in subsequent releases.

Technical Notes: 

Starting with version 10.2 of Intel® MKL, the names of some service functions have become obsolete and will be removed in subsequent releases.

These names are used in the current version of Intel MKL 10.2 for back compatibility purposes only.
See the list of the deprecated and new names below:

1)void    MKLGetVersion(MKLVersion *ver);   /* Obsolete */
void    MKL_Get_Version(MKLVersion *ver); /* Returns information about the active version of the Intel MKL software */

2) void    MKLGetVersionString(char * buffer, int len);    /* Obsolete */
void    MKL_Get_Version_String(char * buffer, int len); /* Returns a string that contains the library version information */

3) void    MKL_FreeBuffers(void);  /* Obsolete */
void    MKL_Free_Buffers(void); /* Frees the memory allocated by the Memory Manager */

4) MKL_INT64 MKL_MemStat(int* nbuffers);  /* Obsolete */
MKL_INT64 MKL_Mem_Stat(int* nbuffers); /* The Memory Manager statistical information. */
/* Returns an amount of memory, allocated by the Memory Manager */
/* in <nbuffers> buffers. */

void    getcpuclocks(unsigned MKL_INT64 *);       /* Obsolete: gets CPU clocks */
void    MKL_Get_Cpu_Clocks(unsigned MKL_INT64 *); /* Gets CPU clocks */

double  getcpufrequency(void);       /* Obsolete */
double  MKL_Get_Cpu_Frequency(void); /* Gets CPU frequency in GHz */

void    setcpufrequency(double*);       /* Obsolete */
void    MKL_Set_Cpu_Frequency(double*); /* Sets "Intel MKL internal" CPU frequency in GHz */

Similar changes were implemented for the FORTRAN interfaces of the service routines.
For more info about these routines, please refer to the Intel MKL Reference Manual.


These names are still exist in the 10.3 and 11.0 versions the program Intel® MKL.

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