Some tips for POVRay

I have summarized some experiences on how to download and build POVRay projects here for future use.

Several links for POVRay
Please visit for Povray testing information;
Plesae visit for Povray project details.

For Windows* installation
Please download the Windows* version from

For old versions of source code
The current POVRay version is 3.6.1c. If you are looking for older versions of POV-Ray or for versions of platforms for which official support has been discontinued, check out our FTP server:

Key Notes for Windows* version
1. For Windows* version, current POVRay only supports VC.NET 2003 or later version
2. How to compile and build POVRay using VC.NET environment:
a. Select 'povray' as the start-up project. Do NOT try to compile the default project (cmedit). It won't do anything (and is not meant to). It's a utility project there for the convenience of our developers.
b. All you need to do to get a working POV-Ray for Windows* binary is to edit the file source\optout.h to define your name and email address in the distribution message (search for DISTRIBUTION_MESSAGE). Then, activate the POVRAY project and hit F7 and wait. You should end up with the file windows\\bin\pvengine.exe. Note that if you do not do the above first, you will get compile errors.
3. If it complains about missing DLLs when you run it, it's probably because you weren't paying attention when we told you that you needed to install POV-Ray v3.6 first :-). (If you have in fact installed it, ensure it is the same version as the source code you have compiled, as the DLL names will change between v3.60 and v3.61).
4. If you are using VC.NET 2005 or later to compile windows\\povray.sln, the will ask you to convert the project file into the current version.
5. Please run windows\\bin\pvengine.exe, and you can run this benchmark from menu / render/ run benchmark ( can select one CPU, or all CPUs if it is a multiprocessor system).

For Linux* Environment
Here I am building and making POVRay as a non-privileged user.
After you untar the package, you can follow the steps below to make and build POVRay:
1. mkdir
2. ./configure –prefix=/install/path CC=”icc” CXX=”icpc” COMPILED_BY=”your name ”
3. time make check install
4. go to install path and run and $./povray –benchmark
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