Standard C++ Library (libstdc++) Version Requirements

The Intel® Cluster Ready specification requires that the GCC* 3.4 or later runtime be present on all cluster nodes.  The Standard C++ Library,, is part of the GCC* 3.4 runtime.  However, some software packages, such as the Intel compilers, may still depend on the GCC* 3.2 runtime and an earlier version of the Standard C++ Library,

Currently, all of the leading Linux distributions install the GCC* 3.4 runtime and and do not install by default.

If the software package with the dependency on does not include the earlier version of the Standard C++ Library, you may need to install it yourself.  Many Linux distributions provide in an optional RPM package.  For example:

  • Red Hat* Enterprise Linux: compat-libstdc++-33
  • SUSE* Linux Enterprise Edition: compat-libstdc++-5.x.x
The Standard C++ Library is also available as source from the GNU Project.

Note: It is not sufficient to link to, as the libraries are not binary compatible.

More information on the Standard C++ Library requirements for the Intel compilers may be found at:
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