Suggested workarounds for "No data will be collected" message seen with Intel(R) Advisor XE product


When using Intel(R) Advisor XE in either the Microsoft* Visual Studio integrated version mode or in the Standalone mode, the message "No data will be collected" maybe seen when the "Check Suitability" or "Check Correctness" steps are run.


As soon as "Check Suitability" or "Check Correctness" analysis is started, the following error message may be seen:

  • "No Data will be collected"

The message is harmless though misleading. Continuing the analysis will often correctly run the analysis despite this warning.


One reason why this message may appear is because the path to the annotated source files is not correct. In this case, add the path to the annotated source files as follows:

  • When using either the Standalone version of the Intel(R) Advisor XE GUI or the Microsoft* Visual Studio integrated version, add the path to the source files in the Project Properties dialog under the “Source Search” tab

Further help

Please file an Intel® Premier issue or post a forum post on for further help.

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