Times Wellness by Times Music

Being healthy in today’s busy world can be very challenging. Yet with health-related apps like the Times Wellness app, people have the opportunity to learn how to be healthier right from their Ultrabook™ device.

Times Wellness by Times Music is a useful app on Ultrabook devices that reveals new ways people can be healthy through instructional health and wellness videos, music therapy and more. It reveals details about yoga postures, exercise routines, healing mantras to calm nerves and much more.

Developers at Times Music took advantage of resources available to Intel® Software Partners in the Intel® Developer Zone to gain insight into the unique technologies of Ultrabook devices and optimize the app for the Intel® architecture. Plus, they received valuable information from the developer communities within the Intel Developer Zone.

“Having Intel’s development support really helped us create the best app possible to work on Ultrabook devices,” said Mandar Thakur, COO of Times Music.

The powerful Intel® Core™ processors in Ultrabook devices provide a fluid and fast user experience with the videos featured in Times Wellness. Plus, the touch capabilities of Ultrabook systems provide an interactive experience for this health-related resource.

Due to the extensive support from Intel and the powerful features of new Ultrabook devices, Times Music is looking forward to developing new apps for Ultrabook systems. “Intel’s support has made it much easier to create a better app that works well with the touch interactivity and more of Ultrabook systems,” Mandar Thakur, COO.

Times Music  has always pushed the boundaries through its means of exploiting & monetization of digital content. For more information you can log on to www.timesmusic.com

The Intel Developer Zone supports developers and software companies of all sizes and skill levels with technical communities, go-to-market resources and business opportunities. To learn more about becoming an Intel Software Partner, join the Intel® Developer Zone.

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