Two tips for Intel® Parallel Inspector and Intel® Parallel Amplifier

1. Sometime the user wouldn't like to generate results of Intel® Parallel Inspector and Intel® Parallel Amplifier, which are stored at project's location. Intel® Parallel Studio allows the user to save results into any user's favorite directory. Another purpose is that unused data files (for multiple projects) can be deleted easily from one specific directory, e.g. c:\tmp\Intel Parallel Studio.

The Parallel Inspector and the Parallel Amplifier have new options (plug-in) in Microsoft* Visual Studio* 2005/2008's  "Options" dialog, please see "Result Location" item under "Intel Parallel Inspector" and "Intel Parallel Amplifier", change it from "Save results in the Visual Studio* project default location" to "Save results in the directory:". Note that the user should specify a directory which already is existed.


2. Sometime the user starts the Parallel Inspector Analysis or the Parallel Amplifier Analysis, meanwhile the user wants to see separated Console application's running. The user can simply modify "Direct output for non-GUI application to:" from "Separate console windows" to "Microsoft* Visual Studio* output window".


After doing above change, the use can watch Analysis status and Console application's running simultaneously.


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