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Mapping Brain Connectivity Using Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Techniques being developed by Panuwat Janwattanapong, using neural network inferences and natural language processing, are showing promising results that could have significant medical benefits.
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  • Intel Showcases OpenStack Cloud Momentum at the Sydney Summit

    Open Stack Sydney Banner 2017By Melissa Evers-Hood, Intel Open Source Technology Center

    Last week, in Sydney, Australia, I attended my first OpenStack Summit. As a relative newcomer to this community, I felt compelled to share my thoughts and experiences from the event.

    Lab7 Systems Helps Manage an Ocean of Information

    Finding efficient ways to manage the massive amounts of data generated by new technologies is a key concern for many industries. It’s especially challenging in the world of life sciences, where research breakthroughs are based on an ever-expanding ocean of information.

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  • SoftLab-NSK Builds a Universal, Ultra HD Broadcast Solution

    SoftLab-NSK develops complete TV broadcast automation solutions that work with the 4K format and HEVC compression and include functionality for video encoding. When the company wanted to expand its flagship Forward T* line of playout servers, it needed the most efficient solution for video transcoding.

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