Updating Firmware for Arduino* on a System with OS X* or Linux*

These instructions are for updating firmware for an Intel® Galileo board with Arduino* on a system with OS X* or Linux*. These steps apply for both the Intel® Galileo Gen 1 and Gen 2 boards. Looking for instructions to set up your Intel Galileo board to use the Intel® XDK IoT Edition or the Eclipse* IDE?


You have already set up your board.

Install and Run the Firmware Updater Tool

  1. Download and unzip the appropriate Intel Galileo board Firmware Updater for either OS X or Linux.
  2. Initially list the contents of the /dev/ folder. Plug your board in and notice the change in the folder after you list the contents again. On OS X your device will be /dev/cu.usbmodem. On Linux, look for ttyUSB. When you see the device added to the list, note the port for the next step.
  3. Launch the Firmware Updater tool from its folder, then select the port of your board as you found it in the step above.

The Intel Galileo Firmware Updater

  1. Select Update Firmware. You will be asked to confirm that you have your power supply connected. Once started, the update process will take approximately 5 minutes.

For a complete guide to the Firmware Updater or troubleshooting help, check the Intel Galileo board Firmware Updater Tool User Guide.

Next Steps

Now that you've connected your board and updated your firmware, proceed to Install the Arduino IDE.

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