Upgrade to Intel Software Tools Beta Update 1 fails

Version: Beta 2015 Update 1

Product: Intel® Cluster Studio XE bundle installer

Operating System: Linux*

Problem Description: When attempting to upgrade from an existing installation of Intel® Cluster Studio XE 2015 Beta to the new Intel® Cluster Studio XE 2015 Beta Update 1, distributed installation on the compute nodes of a cluster may fail with the following error message:

Configuring product on node <hostname>
/tmp/install.ZQXFTo/ict_silent.ini has errors

Doing a follow-up check reveals that the studio bundle and the components have not been upgraded on the compute nodes of the cluster.

This is not applicable when completing a single-node installation (only install on local node and share the install via NFS mount).

Workaround: Please complete a fresh install of the Intel® Cluster Studio XE 2015 Beta Update 1 by first uninstalling any existing instances of Intel® Cluster Studio XE 2015 Beta for Linux*. Due to several install-path changes introduced in Update 1, the two packages (Beta and Beta Update 1) are not fully compatible.

We generally recommend to first uninstall previous Beta versions before attempting an install of Update 1. If you continue to see problems, contact us via the Intel® Premier Support site.

Resolution Status: The problem is currently under investigation.

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