Use command line in Intel® Parallel Inspector

We know that Intel provided Intel® Parallel Studio Suite, which contained Intel® Parallel Inspector component. This component should run on Microsoft* Visual Studio*. However sometime we need to do measurement works automatically (implement it by script file), and don't run on IDE to avoid (reduce) overloads caused by environment. 

Intel® Parallel Inspector Update 1 has realized this feature.


After the user has installed the product, open a Command Prompt window, run

C:\Program Files\Intel\Parallel Studio\Inspector\insp-vars.bat

Thus the environment for command line has been settled down, now can use insp-cl


The user can run "insp-cl -help" to be familiar with the syntax of command.


insp-cl <-action-option [-modifier-option] [[--] target [target options]]


Action-option contains:collect, collect-list, command, command-list, finalize, help, version


Modifier-option contains:[no-]discard-suppressed-problem, log-dir, option-file, result-dir, return-app-exitcode, search-dir, suppression-file, user-data-dir, verbose


Below are some examples to use insp-cl: 

insp-cl -collect-list      [List all checking modes, now are mi1-mi4, ti1-ti4]

insp-cl -collect mi2 Banner.exe [Generate results in sub-directory, refer to Insp-cl.txt]

insp-cl -collect mi3 -result-dir r009mi3 Banner.exe [Generate results in specified sub-directory]


insp-cl -collect mi3 Banner.exe  [First time run it]

insp-cl -create-suppression-file mySup [Generate a suppression file, based on previous run]

insp-cl -collect mi3 -suppression-file mySup Banner.exe [Use suppression file to run, but don't report errors which already are in suppression file]

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