Using Intel® Compiler in Eclipse* for Wind River* Linux* Development on Windows*

Overview: Intel® System Studio 2015 provides the Windows* host support for embedded development, you can use Intel® C/C++ Compiler inside Eclipse* on Windows* host, for Wind River* Linux* development. This article will introduce the Eclipse* Integration features in Intel® System Studio.

1. How to Integrate Intel System Studio into Eclipse

You should have an existing working Eclipse (with JRE) to integrate Intel System Studio, the suggested Eclipse is the CDT Eclipse. You have 3 options to do the integration according to your requirements:

Automatic integration by installer at installation time;

Automatic integration by installer after installation;

Manual integration after installation.

(1) Automatic integration by installer at installation time

If you want to run automatic integration, you will need to click the “customize” button.

Check the ‘checkbox’ before “Integrate into Eclipse” and enter the locations of your existing Eclipse. Then, follow the normal installation process, and Eclipse integration will be done at the last step of installation.

(2) Automatic integration by installer after installation

In case you forget to integrate at installation time, you may want to modify it instead of re-install all components. To modify it, just go to ‘Control Panel -> uninstall a program’, right click on the product in the list (Intel System Studio 2014), and click ‘uninstall/change’.

Follow the ‘next’ process, and you will have chance to see the same page of running Eclipse integration.

Manual integration after installation

In case you want to use the Eclipse feature to do manually integration, you can do it as below steps.

A. Open Eclipse

B. Open menu item: Help -> Install New Software...

C. Click “Add…” button, enter a name, and set the value of Location as:

file:/C:/Program Files (x86)/Intel/System Studio 2014.0.012/eclipse_support/cdt8.0/eclipse/

D. Check “Intel Software Developer Tools” as below and follow the ‘next’ buttons to finish the integration.

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