VTune analyzer and VTune Amplifier XE coexistence

VTune analyzer for Linux and VTune Amplifier XE for Linux coexistence

Legacy products such as Intel® VTune™ Performance Analyzer 9.x for Linux and Intel® Performance Tuning Utility 3 and current products such as Intel® VTune™ Amplifier XE for Linux and Intel Performance Tuning Utility 4 can all be installed on same system at the same time, but only one product can be actively collecting at a time.

You should ensure that Intel VTune analyzer 9.x driver is loaded (check via “/sbin/lsmod | grep vtune”) with appropriate permissions (check via “groups; ls –l /dev/vtune*” or "ls -l /dev/sep*") prior to running a collection with VTune analyzer. If no output is shown from this command, then type /opt/intel/vtune/analyzer/drivers/insmod-vtune to load the appropriate sampling driver for your kernel.

You should ensure that VTune Amplifier XE drivers are loaded with appropriate permissions (check via “insmod-sep3 –q”) prior to using VTune Amplifier XE. If there are any problems with accessing the drivers, the tool should output messages indicating the error (might also check “cat /var/log/messages” for system errors).

If you still see issues after confirming the above, please contact support (https://premier.intel.com/) and provide the tool configuration/commands used for collection (e.g., “vtl activity …”, “amplxe-runsa …”), steps to reproduce, as well as the OS version and versions of VTune analyzer and VTune Amplifier XE products that are installed on your Linux system.
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