Wind River* EMS Device Management: User's Guide

WindRiver* Edge Management System (EMS) enables remote management of devices running the EMS agent. EMS Server is the cloud side of the Edge Management System. EMS Console provides administrative interface to the server. This document provides a device management system overview and an Intel® Mashery API reference to EMS Server. The APIs can be used for creating applications to customize the management and administration of assets and to export data to back end systems for processing. Intel® Mashery APIs are grouped into Objects, each with a set of methods. The document covers, Alarm Object APIs, Asset Object APIs, Asset Configuration Object APIs , Asset Group Object APIs, Audit Object APIs , Custom Object APIs, Custom Object Group Object APIs, Data Item Object APIs, Deployment Object APIs, Expression Rule Object APIs, Extended Application Object APIs, Extended List Object APIs, Extended Map Object APIs, Extended UI Module Object APIs , Extended Credential Object APIs , File Info Object APIs , File Upload Session Object APIs , Location Object APIs, Machine Stream Object APIs, Model Object APIs, Organization Object APIs, Region Object APIs, Remote Server Object APIs, Remote Session Object APIs, Self Service Object APIs, Software Package Object APIs , Transport Configuration Object APIs, Unit Of Measure Object APIs, User Object APIs, User Group Object APIs, User Privilege Object APIs, User Settings APIs, Web Resource Object APIs.

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