Wind River* Intelligent Device Platform XT EMS Profile: User's Guide

The Wind River* Edge Management System (EMS) for the Wind River Intelligent Device Platform XT (IDP XT) delivers a pre-integrated technology stack to support configuring, building, and deploying Wind River cloud-enabled systems to supported boards. The Wind River EMS profile user guide provides a detailed overview of the Edge Management System and its device side and cloud side components. Section 1 gives IDP EMS overview along with the supported boards, development tools, and documentation available. In Section 2, the document describes configuring and building the EMS layer for target project with the Wind River IDP and deploying the EMS enabled file system on the target platform. Section 3, describes development tools and workflow for device onboarding. Onboarding configures the device's EMS agent with basic device management content. Details on manual and automatic onboarding are provided. Updates to assets or target systems are sent over the air from a secure RPM repository. Instructions for creating and deploying packages with update instructions using the EMS console for over the air updates are included in ‘Updating the Components’ Section 4 along with the special case of updating the EMS agent itself. Creation of action and expression rules for downloading and uploading files to assets are also included in this section. Fixing onboarding failures and recovery of lost assets is covered in Section 5, “Recovering from Errors”. Lastly a sample alarm workflow example demonstrating manual onboarding, creating expression rules and actions on the EMS server, modifying data item on assets from EMS server and creating a custom object for a sample temperature data sensor use-case are covered in the “Alarm Workflow Example” in Section 6.

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