Windows Dev Center Essentials for Ultrabook Developers

We’ve been working with Microsoft* to understand the ins and outs of building the next generation of applications to leverage Windows 8*. In that process we’ve discovered great content every Windows 8 developer should check out. Here are links we find very valuable from the Microsoft Windows Dev Center.

Metro Resources

Windows 8 Release Preview Product Guide for Developers
Windows 8 Release Preview has many powerful features for developers. Discover the new features for Desktop, Web, and Metro style app developers.

Developer tools and resources
The Windows Dev Center has everything you need to design, build, and sell Metro style apps.

Design resources for Metro style apps
Discover the resources and design guidance you need to build beautiful Metro style apps with the look and feel of Windows 8.

Code your first app
Getting started developing Metro style apps. Begin building Metro style apps quickly and easily. Our getting started guide walks you through the essentials of writing your first app.

Sell Metro apps
Get ready to sell your app in the Windows Store around the globe.

Get help from the experts
Get expert app design and development best practices in the app developer blogs and forums and come meet us at Dev Camps around the world.

Desktop Mode Resources

Get your desktop app ready and certified:

Download the Compatibility Cookbook
The Windows 8 Release Preview and Windows Server 8 Compatibility Cookbook has tips and fixes for common issues you may encounter when getting your app compatible.

Compatibility Center
Check the compatibility status published for your app on the.

Partner Submission Portal
Update your app’s compatibility status or add apps.


Certification tools

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