Sample Application: Windows* 8 Store Gyroscope



The Gyroscope Sample of a Windows Store app shows how to register for notifications from the gyroscope sensor in the new Windows 8 environment and use the reported values to modify a 3D object on the display. An example of a Gyroscope used to rotate a 3D object based on the reported angular velocity of the gyroscope in 3 dimensions is something that’s not necessarily new to creators of phone based applications, but is entirely new to creators of traditional desktop applications. With Microsoft adding support for sensors in their Windows 8 OS and Intel delivering more and more platforms with integrated sensors, the creators of the traditional desktop applications will find themselves wanting to add support for sensors to their existing applications and wanting to create Windows Store app versions of current and new applications that use sensors.


Windows* Store App - Gyroscope Sample Whitepaper

Download Source Code (140.05 KB)

Figure 1.

Figure 2.


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