What's next for SW Developers?

The question hangs at the back of every developer's mind. It takes various forms. It usually isn't a big issue to most of us, but sometimes it intrudes into our daily thinking.

How do I ensure that I maintain my relevance and significance in the development world?

Things change so rapidly in technology. Yet to master any given new technology requires a significant investment in time, effort and struggle.

What if I bet on the wrong technology? What if the direction which seems obvious to me now turns out to be a flash in the pan? And what about the last technology that I invested so much time and effort in? If I work on something else for a while, will I become stale and let all that investment go to waste?

My own perspective on this question comes from being in the SW Dev community as a professional engineer since 1984. I have struggled with this question myself, and I have talked with and advised numerous collegues on the question as they search for answers for their own careers.

I and some of my other collegues will be trying to address some of these issues on this blog. This is not strictly about the technology issues, but the business issues and directions we face as developers.

I'll give a few words later about where my perspectives grew from. I am an avid blogger on the personal side, so I am delighted to do a little more professional-side writing as well.

This week I am in Anaheim sitting with 500 other professional SW collegues from within Intel. We're here for our 2006 Software Enabling Summit, which we have held annually since the late 90's. There are tracks on multi-core technology, client applications, server applications, web 2.0 and the business of software. I am already learning a tremendous amount.

I'll try to share some of my observations of the week with you. It will be like you are able to join in with us on the buzz of new technology, as we mix the ferment together. As I said, some of my collegues will be writing here as well with their observations about the sessions being delivered.

Talk to you soon,


The opinions in this piece are mine alone and do not reflect the official position of Intel on products or strategies.

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