Who am I and what I do at Intel?

Hmm, what to say in the dreaded first blog entry? Let me introduce myself and share some of the exiting things I have been up to in the past several months. My name is Ajay Mungara and I'm the Manageability Developer Community manager for the Intel Software Network. My job at Intel is to create a lively online community for developers focused on building capabilities for IT organizations to manage enterprise computing facilities for Intel-based Platforms. I have spent significant portion of my career working in IT organizations, so I have a good insider view of some of the real problems in IT infrastructure maintenance. I always wondered why Intel is not doing much in the way of addressing some of the basic issues faced by IT professionals, and then I come across Intel® Active Management Technology. Although, I should admit that it is not a silver bullet technology that is an answer to all of the IT infrastructure problems, but it is a great start and looking into the future, overtime I am sure Intel® AMT will have enough capabilities to completely change the way IT manages its infrastructure.
As with any product innovation, real improvements can happen only if we hear directly from the consumers of the technology. So, we launched this community and we have set the stage for guests to come participate, connect, and share ideas with other fellow developers working on this technology. We are also bringing in many real Intel experts working on manageability technology to share their insights and comments. We need your help in making this community successful where the voice of "real" people working on this technology is heard "loud and clear". We have created a podium for voicing your opinion, and the success of this community will depend on your conversions. I am taking the responsibility of working for your interests. If you have ideas, comments, rants or raves, then please let us know. We are watching, sharing, learning and working to make it fun and easy. I look forward to your participation and to see how the community evolves. I will also ensure that my future blog posts are NOT this formal and boring :)

- Ajay Mungara

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