Why do we do it?

Ok, it is about the travel. It's about the tradeshows. It's about the ads. It's about the glitz. Our education is technical but we like the quick moving business of marketing " that's why we leave our developer roots behind and move to marketing.

Or, it is something else? Like the opportunity to talk about something we really like.

In my case, that is it! It is the opportunity to share really cool technologies and capabilities with developers. Over the course of the last six months Intel has changed its approach on how we interact with developers. The Intel Software Network team has focused on talking with developers and soliciting your inputs on application notes, tools, and design kits.

Now it is marketing's turn to try something new. I am opening the door and asking you to tell me what you think. How we are doing? Are you ready for some new approaches?

- Maryann

PS. Stop back soon... something very un-Intel like is going on.
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