Videos: Game Development Tools and Multicore

Most of the Game Developer Videos are now live on our new Take Five video site.  There are so many great videos - I've already blogged about Skull Trail and the Game Demo Contest Winners and appreciate the very positive responses. It was a blast being at the show, and meeting so many developers and getting some cool footage. Here are some more of my favorites:

On Game Developement Tools, SDKs, etc: The COLLADA tools demo station was one of the busiest in the Intel booth. We had to jump in to film Peter de Lappe giving a demo of Softimage's XSI, and Immanuel Martin showing Luxology's MODO 302.  You'll hear real developers -- as many were asking questions while we were filming.

Be sure to check out Alexis Khouri: Allegorithmics Real Time Graphics Texture Streaming for Games. The graphics in their demo are based on the cathedral across the street from the Allegorithmic office in central France.

Ethan Schur, Director of Marketing at TDVision - had a very popular 3D stereoscopic viewer in the Intel lounge for developers to play an auto racing game. His video shows TDVision's SDK for adding 3D Vision to your games.

Lee Bamber, CEO of Game Creators, talked about how this is a cushy time for developers - and that you must start thinking about the N-Core Revolution -- developing for many cores -- or be obsolete. In his second video, Optimizing for Multicore, Lee talks about how his company was able to make a much better product by taking advantage of parallelism. Both are on my top video list.

We also had Gary Carleton, Intel Applications Engineer give an overview of Intel Performance & Threading Tools for Game Developers, and a demo of the Thread Profiler and Threading Building Blocks

That's more than enough for one blog, so I'll stop here to save more for my next entry.

In the meantime - what do you think about these videos and the new Take Five site? What topics would you like to see in video format on ISN?

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