Intel multi-threading tools for clustered computing

When talking about parallel programming it’s not all about dual- or quad-core platforms - multi-threaded applications are also found in high-performance computing environments like cluster computing. Especially in this area a lot of things have to be done from the developer‘s perspective when optimizing the software for Intel platforms.

For this kind of multi-multi-core architectures Intel provides some useful and compelling tools supporting software developers to multi-thread their clustered applications and operating systems. For this purposes there are different tools you can buy from Intel:

The Intel MPI Library can be used to develop applications that can run on multiple cluster fabric interconnects chosen by the user at runtime. The library even helps with upgrading or changing new interconnects without requiring any major changes to the software or to the operating environment. MPI Library is available for Windows Compute Cluster Server and for Linux. And it provides a free runtime environment.

With the Intel Trace Analyzer and Collector for Linux or Windows Compute Cluster Server you can analyze, optimize and deploy high-performance applications on Intel processor-based clusters. This tool provides critical information to understand and optimize MPI cluster performance by quickly finding performance bottlenecks.

Intel Math Kernel Library offers highly optimized, extensively threaded math routines for scientific, engineering and financial applications. Intel MKL is available with the Intel C++ and Fortran Compilers Professional Editions and Intel Cluster Toolkit. It is also available as a standalone product. And there is another advantage to it: Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 developers can integrate Intel MKL in their environment in order to create applications using BLAS, LAPACK, FFT, statistics and many more mathematical functions.

If you want all of these tools in one package you can buy the Intel Cluster Toolkit which integrates all of them, plus it entails the Intel MPI Benchmarks. And with the Intel Cluster Toolkit Compiler Edition you even get the full Cluster Toolkit plus Intel C++ and Fortran Compiler.

So, what are you waiting for? Or would you want to join the Intel Cluster Ready program for a supported way to implement high-performance computing applications in your company? No problem, go and register for it! Of course you can also visit Intel at Microsoft Tech-Ed EMEA Developers 2008 in Barcelona, Spain, at stand E5/E6.
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