Watch Intel Software Network TV LIVE on Tuesday, June 16

Three new programs are scheduled for LIVE broadcast with interactive chat on Intel Software Network TV this week.

Here is the show schedule for Tuesday, June 16th.

8:00AM PACIFIC, June 16
Parallel Programming Talk with Clay Breshears & Aaron Tersteeg with special Guest, Duncan McCallum, CEO Cilk Arts Multicore Programming Software

Episode 35: Duncan will be give a quick overview of Cilk++ and answering questions about using the technology. Cilk++ provides a simple set of extensions for C++, coupled with a powerful runtime system for multicore-enabled applications. Cilk++ enables rapid development, testing, and deployment of high performance multicore applications.

Watch Live: or listen to podcast at:

Show Notes:

10AM PACIFIC, June 16
Teach Parallel with Paul Steinberg and guest Professor Charlie Peck of Earlham College: "Teaching Parallelism to Students; Teaching Parallelism to Faculty"

As a member of the Supercomputing Conference's Education Program Steering Committee (2007-2011), Professor peck is one of a group of academics developing and delivering curriculum for teaching high performance computing, Parallelism and computational science to undergraduate faculty and students. Working with colleagues from the Supercomputing Education Program, he is co-PI of the LittleFe project. LittleFe is a low-cost, portable, computational cluster primarily used for high performance computing and computational science education, outreach, and training.

2:30PM PACIFIC, June 16
Visualize This! Host Arti Gupta interviews Scott Crabtree

Scott Crabtree, Intel Engineering Manager, will share the game demos developed by his team and discuss tips and techniques on how to use parallel programming techniques combined with the power of multicore processors for enhanced game performance.

Be sure to tune in and watch live on June 16th. If you miss the live broadcasts, all shows are available on-demand at the same link, typically within a day or so of broadcast time.

For more on the launch of Intel Software Network TV on June 9th, read the announcement here.   Follow @isntv on Twitter for notice when a show is going to be live, or subscribe to the RSS feed to receive high quality downloads of new show episodes as they become available.

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