Eucalyptus Releases an Enterprise Edition with Support for VMware Virtualization Technologies

The intersection of open source and cloud computing has been a very hot topic lately. I've probably talked about cloud computing technologies more than any other single topic here on this blog with recent posts about the new Xen cloud initiative, data and analyst thoughts on open source in the cloud, and more cloud discussions coming out of the recent Red Hat Cloud Computing Forum.

The news about open source and cloud computing continues with the Eucalyptus launch of Eucalyptus Enterprise Edition (EEE), which provides a solution for using VMware virtualization technologies, Xen, and KVM with on-premise Eucalyptus cloud implementations. Here are a few details about the product from the Eucalyptus press release:

"For EEE, Eucalyptus leverages vSphere, ESXi, and ESX virtualization technologies to provide an on-premise cloud in the data center. EEE also includes an image converter that helps users develop VMware-enabled Eucalyptus applications that are compatible with Amazon EC2. Moreover, Eucalyptus supports popular open source hypervisors such as KVM and Xen, enabling EEE customers to choose the most appropriate software stack for each cloud application while maintaining a single cloud API that is Amazon compatible."

Sam Dean from the OStatic blog says that EEE "can be thought of as a set of bridges between cloud platforms and virtualization environments." Cloud computing and virtualization naturally fit well together, so it isn't surprising that we're seeing more announcements about interoperability between cloud and virtualization products, like this announcement from Eucalyptus and the previous release from Xen. I think we're just at the tip of the iceberg now, and I expect to see this trend continue toward open source solutions at the intersection of cloud computing and virtualization.

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