Visualize this! Using Intel Parallel Studios in Game development

Hello and welcome to another episode of Visualize this! where we talk about topics relating to Visual Computing. I am Arti Gupta, community manager for Games Development on the Intel Software Network.

Our guest today is Paul Lindberg, software engineer at Intel. Paul will talk to us about the features of Intel Parallel Studios and how game developers can benefit from this tool.

Download link to a high quality MP4 video file of the show (about 150MB)

Community News :

--Today the Intel Developer Forum started in San Francisco. Paul Lindberg my guest today is also teaching a class on how to optimize a game using Parallel Studio. Stay tuned for videos from the event on our Take Five video site.

--Thread like Wildfire - there is still time this month to enter your submission. You can now win one of 3 $300 gift certificates to GameStop each month. We also released a new and improved video on how to install the smoke demo. More details can be found here.

Show Questions : (this show has a lot of tools footage)

--Intro to Parallel Studio, what is it and how does it help developers?
--Specifically, how has Composer been useful so far?
--Inspector? (memory and thread management)
--Amplifier? (hotspot, concurrency, locks and waits)
--Click here for information on Parallel Studio

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