SOA Expressway Usecase Series

And on with some real world use cases of SOA Expressway…

This one is really interesting. The combination of data transformations, security and SSO – all coming together to address common pain point in creating portals.

A e-commerce website services that serves tens of millions of users daily, communicating with hundreds of services. Each service only supports its own proprietary XML or JSON format or worse still, custom formats.

The customer uses IBM InfoSphere as MDM for pricing and IBM Commerce Server as the middleware hosts these services.  In addition to all of the data conversions, the company requires a single sign-on solution that is used across all web portals. The use case required to support SiteMinder sessions, so that a SiteMinder session cookie needs to be generated for Single sign-on to be enabled for user to be able to access any of the services that are priced through IBM InfoSphere.

JSON to XML Transformation

Intel® SOA Expressway was deployed as a service gateway that dynamically examines message requests to determine what data transformations to perform (for example JSON to XML), generate the CA Siteminder session cookie and dynamically route to the message. Intel® SOAE is an all-in-one data transformation & security solution that can handle all message types regardless of the web service or server used. Then, once the server sent a message response to the runtime, Intel® SOAE converted data into JSON and then sent the data to the Web Portal. A step not shown in the picture here (this was an early view of use case) on the outbound side, is service invocation to IBM InfoSphere from get the price element filled in.

Due to Intel® SOAE’s architecture that utilizes workflow execution at machine language level, it can handle SOAP, REST, and generic XML all in the same message transaction and still on a single server support tens of thousands of concurrent sessions.

The amazing part from customer’s perspective, has been the ease and speed of how quick SOA Expressway got deployed and worked with all other moving parts – within a week this customer had the environment running for testing & move to production!

More to come…

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