OSCON: The Tech Event With a Little Something for Everyone

One of the most widely talked-about tech conferences every year is the O'Reilly Open Source Convention (OSCON), and with good reason. The Portland, Oregon-based conference is slated for July 19-23, 2010, and pulls in attendees from all over the country with varying levels of technical experience from activists and developers to IT managers and sysadmins.

The presentation schedule is packed with an insane amount of talks and seminars. The breakout sessions run the gamut from Teaching Open Source to Managing Open Source Projects.

While there are dozens of tech events to attend every year, I consider the main draw of this one to be it's approachability for computer users of every level. Hobbyists can get their geek groove on with an intro to 3D animation with Blender while engineers get their hands dirty tinkering with Rails 3. Some of the sessions are led by state senators while others are managed by college professors or corporate VIPs. There's a little something for everyone led by a lot of people from everywhere.

It would be pretty hard to attend OSCON and walk away without a barrelful of actionable information and some new skills to add to your arsenal. Check out the registration page for conference fees and everything you need to know about attending this event.

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