Discovering JQuery for web based authoring

Ok, so maybe I am the last web developer on earth to discover JQuery. I have to say, I am impressed with this little library. A few months ago, James, a rotation engineer at Intel worked for my group at Intel and introduced me to JQuery for doing AJAX calls. I used it a lot last month when building the Javascript VT100 terminal. This last week, I make use of JQuery again in a completely different way. I used it to create HTML visual effects and it works really well.

I started by typing "JQuery effects tutorial" in Google and found this tutorial. The samples are easy to follow. I did have to get the hang of this stuff, it's not immediately evident how it all works, but I started coding and 30 minutes later I have an animated panel for my own web site.

We are working on the configuration page for associating Twitter accounts to MeshCentral, and since we expect to add support for many social sites, I wanted a configuration page that could fold and show only the configuration sections that the user cared about. With JQuery, I want able to create a set panels the user could show and hide. Best of all, the transition is animated. Below is the screen shot of the page.

By the way, we got the Twitter feature almost ready. Should not be long now before anyone can use it.


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