New Flat Fee Component Forum

We've launched a new way for developers and others in the Intel AppUpSM ecosystem to market tools, services and components to Intel AppUpSM developers with a new forum called the Flat Fee Component, Tools & App Services Forum.   Think of this like a Craigs List of classifieds for app components on our site.  If you have a tool, service or components solution to aid the development of apps for the Intel Intel AppUpSM center then this forum is a place you can post your information.

While this is a new solution, we do encourage developers post to components to our Component Catalog, when that makes sense. For example if you have a C++ or .NET component and would like a revenue split on apps sold in Intel AppUpSM, then our existing Component Catalog is an excellent solution to sell tools and services to Intel AppUpSM developers.

However, we recognize that our component store model does not fit all solutions and business models.  If you have an existing application service, or tool and you wish to either sell that as a flat fee, or you need to manage payment outside of the Intel AppUpSM store, then our new forum is a good way to get your tools, services and components posted to Intel AppUpSM developers.

Please note, this forum follows our existing terms of service per foul language, hate speech, yada, yada, yada...  However unlike other portions of our site, here we are more agreeable to soliciting and marketing than in our other forums.  In other words, shamelessly self promote here (within our guidelines of course) To make sure the forum is manageable we have established a set of rules for posting and we have also established information for developers to help give context as to what to expect. Note the following; items promoted in this forum will not be tested or validated by Intel, Intel will not be managing any commerce transactions or payments with this solution, and the seller is responsible for all transactions and support of products or services being offered in this forum.  To learn more read the sticky posts in this forum.  We have also provided a template for posting to make each item listed here easy to follow. 

So, the bottom line is we encourage our community of developers to build value added solutions for Intel AppUpSM, and to market those solutions to Intel AppUpSM developers using this forum.  As allows we encourage feedback and recommendations.  Please let us know what you think of this solution and if you have additional recommendations.

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